Cougars Offer Bingham Three-Sport Athlete

Through their evaluations, the BYU coaches have found that Bingham High School has another top quality LDS football prospect they want as part of their unique Cougar program.

Bingham High School is a top-quality football program that not only consists of many high caliber LDS athletes, but also is one that has seen many of its players go on to play football at Brigham Young University. The Cougar coaching staff saw enough of Remington Peck during BYU's Junior Day that a scholarship offer needed to be extended soon after.

"Yeah, I'm pretty excited," said Peck. "They were thinking about it after Junior Day because I went down there for that last Friday. They just told me that they didn't need me for the whole camp but just wanted me to come down for one day."

Remington Peck went down and ran through the drills under the watchful eyes of on looking coaches.

"They took me aside and put me up against some of the best kids there," Peck said. "I did some one-on-one drills and stuff like that. After that Coach Mendenhall came up to me and said that I was doing good and for me and my dad to meet him sometime after the camp. My dad and I went back and met with Coach Mendenhall in his office. He gave me an envelope and had me read it out loud. It basically said that I had been offered a full-ride scholarship, and congratulations."

"Well, [Remington's] got a great last name," said Bingham High School Head Coach Dave Peck with a laugh. "You can't go wrong there."

Having received an offer from BYU, Remington is excited and feels relieved.

"It's just unreal," Remington quickly said. "To be honest, it feels like just like getting a monkey off your back. It feels like getting all of this weight off your back and all the pressure is now gone [after] waiting to get that D-I scholarship. You know how everything will be good just getting that one, and now I have it and feel so relieved."

Remington, who is best friends with BYU signee and former Bingham tight end Austin Holt, grew up following the Cougars as a fan.

"I've always loved BYU because of their program and religion," said Remington. "There is no question that the BYU coaching staff is all over our kids because our head coach [Dave Peck] runs an unbelievable program. You just have to thank him for all the hard work he's done for us and our high school program."

Dave Peck has placed a lot of emphasis on personal development and academics, much like BYU has. At Bingham High School, an athlete must have a 3.0 GPA or higher in order to even see the football field. Remington said he feels that the principles within Bingham's program mirror those within BYU's program.

Indeed, Remington was very complimentary of the Cougar coaching staff.

"It really seems to me that there is no coaching staff out there that is like BYU's," said Remington. "You just don't hear any bad things about the coaching staff. They're always trying to help you out in becoming a better player and person in all aspects.

"When I was talking to Coach Mendenhall, we were talking about the most important things at BYU, and football was around number four. The first one was faith and how it builds their program, and how religion plays a big part of developing you to become a good man, a good dad, a good adult that will one day provide for your family. Football wasn't even the number one thing down there. It's everything else.

Aside from the faith based principles found within BYU's program, the close relationship between the players is something that has really stood out in the mind of Remington.

"It's crazy to see just how close all those guys really are," said Remington. "I've been down to BYU a few times for … spring games and things like that and have seen a lot of what they do. They have firesides and organize things … before the games, and it's just great to see how close those guys really are."

Although he has two scholarship offers at the current moment (the other offer coming from Weber State), Remington said he wants to wait about 10 more days before he really begins to take a closer look at which school he may want to attend. There is a very good chance that other schools may follow suit and offer Peck within the next few days.

"I have to definitely take a look at BYU," said Peck. "Being in that room with Coach Mendenhall was just unbelievable. I could tell that I would just fit in well there, and I would have to highly consider it just because of everything they bring to the table.

"Right now I think there are around four or five schools that I maybe getting scholarship offers from. I think Utah, Washington, UNLV, Boise State and Stanford are all going to offer me. They're the ones that are most interested in me right now. The coaches at Washington told me that all I need to do is make an appearance up there and they'll offer me…"

"I think Washington is going to offer him," said Coach Peck. "Weber State was the first school to offer him. They came up and watched him in the gym and said, ‘We'll offer him right now.' Kansas State is another school that is really interested in him, and so is UNLV. Utah has some interest but I don't know how much."

Remington talked about what things might persuade him to commit to BYU.

"I think first of all it would be because of the LDS religion at BYU," said Remington. "Also, I think it would be because of location. BYU is close to home and even though my parents have told me that they're not going to decide on where I'm going, they would like me to stay close to home so they go to all my games. BYU is close to my house and only 35 minutes away, so I would have to consider the location too."

Aside from football, Peck is a standout basketball and baseball player as well.

"I'm alright I guess," said Remington with a slight laugh.

"He's a three-sport athlete until this year," said Coach Peck. "In basketball he was the leading scorer during the playoffs I believe. We ended up making it to the state finals and he played a big part in that.

"He was also one of our best pitchers in baseball, but gave that up so he could hit the weight room and really make a push to try and get a scholarship in football.

"For football he started every game for us as an outside linebacker and we've even played him at some fullback and tight end. He'll be a guy that will grow to about 240 pounds or so, so he has the frame to really develop physically. He can also throw the football about as good as anyone and throws a nice ball. He can really play just about anything. He's that type of an athlete."

The 6-foot-5-inch, 220-pound Peck, who runs a 4.7 forty, may have the opportunity to play different positions at BYU due to his frame and potential.

"Coach Mendenhall actually told me that they don't know what position I will play," said Remington. "He said they have four positions that I could play, and with my body type they want to wait and see after one year in the weight room. They want to see how big I get and what happens with my body, so they either want me at tight end, outside linebacker, defensive end or even maybe a split out wide receiver.

"The number one thing about me … is my smartness on the field. I'm very knowledgeable of the game and I've got great hands. I'm also very elusive and can escape blockers on the field very easily. Coach Mendenhall said I was an all-around athlete who was a physically tough player."

Coach Peck talked about how Remington will contribute to Bingham next year.

"He could play a little of both [offense and defense]," said Coach Peck. "If we have a stud that is no doubt better than any kid of both sides of the ball, I have no problem playing him. [Jordan] Pendleton played wide receiver and never came out of the game. He was a stud player for us and so was Star Lotulelei. Not very often do we have linemen that go both ways, but he was a stud, so the way I look at it is why wouldn't you want your best players on the field to give yourself a better chance to win football games? Remington is that kind of kid and he'll definitely be playing both ways for us most of the time."

Remington credits many for his success on the field, but much of that credit and the football knowledge he has he places squarely on the shoulders of his father Ken Peck, who is also the linebacker coach for Bingham High School.

"Oh yeah, I have to give a lot of credit to my father because he pushes me so hard and it's all paid off," said Peck. "I just have to thank my father for everything."

"His dad Kenny has coached him … all through his life," said Coach Peck. "[Remington is] really smart and knows the game really well. He's just a great kid and a really good athlete. I think what impressed BYU was that they feel they can use him at either tight end or even at a couple of different spots on defense if needs be. He's that kind of kid that can really do it all. Remington is really knowledgeable and is just a great kid. He's a leader on our team and is very vocal and gets things done that way. I think he'll do well."

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