QB Kimo Makaula Shines at All-Poly Camp

Punahou quarterback Kimo Maukala was one of the top quarterbacks at the All-Poly Camp. During quarterback drills, Makaula received some special attention from former BYU and current UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow.

Coming in at about 6 feet 3 inches and 225 pounds, Kimo Makaula physically stood out among camp participants, but his size and presence weren't the only things that warranted the senior-to-be an All-Poly Camp award.

"I'm good at passing the ball from the pocket," Makaula said. "I also have good mobility and can roll out of the pocket and make the pass. I'm a really elusive quarterback for my size."

During Saturday's session of the All-Poly Camp, offensive and defensive units gathered along the sidelines as players began whooping it up for the highly anticipated full-contact scrimmages. As his team took the field, Makaula showed both his elusive abilities and his presence in the pocket.

"There are some really good players here [at the All-Poly Camp]," said Makaula. "It was a lot of fun being able to go up against a lot of these guys. The intensity of the players kept you on your toes. There were times where I had to try and make something happen."

During quarterback drills, BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae and UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow instructed the quarterbacks. With a watchful eye, both coaches instructed players on throwing technique. Coach Chow took special interest in Makaula and gave him a few extra tips.

"The camp has benefited me in a lot of ways," Makaula said. "Learning how to play the game offensively [is one benefit], and these coaches have really helped me out with that. Learning how to take control of the game as a quarterback and be a leader out on the field [is another benefit]. Having good leadership is one of the main things that the coaches stressed to me out here.

"Coach Chow spoke to me about instead of putting touch on the ball … just whip it in there. He showed me how to get back into my drop back quickly and how to get rid of the ball quickly. It was more on how to get into my stance quickly to be able to get rid of the ball, so I can get away from the defense more quickly. He was telling me that the first step is the most important one. It helps with the timing of the receivers."

On Saturday, Makuala - who is not LDS - said he planned on taking a closer look at some of the football programs found with the state of Utah now that the All-Poly Camp had ended.

"I'm really looking forward to going down to BYU," Makaula said. "They have a really good program down there … I want to take a look at everything: how is the school academic-wise and what the surrounding community is like. That's the most important thing for me, and also what kind of a program they have. I know they have a great program out there.

"Also, I was talking to the head coach of SUU and he said they are really interested in me. Hopefully I'm able to go down there and show them what I've got."

During the recruiting process, Makaula has received some recruiting interest from many different western Division I programs.

"Idaho, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, Oregon and UNLV are all sending me letters," said Makaula. "I've got a couple of calls from BYU here and there."

One of those colleges has already pulled the trigger. Recently, Coach Uperesa of UNLV offered Makaula his first full-ride scholarship.

"It was really surprising," said Makaula. "They called me up and said they looked at my tape and really liked it. Coach Keith Uperesa was the one that gave me the scholarship offer and I was really happy and shocked. It's [great] to have my first offer and maybe it will help me to get my name out there."

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