WR Mitch Mathews Commits To BYU

Oregon wide receiver Mitch Mathews gave a verbal commitment to Coach Mendenhall and his Cougar coaching staff. The 6-foot-4-inch Mathews is currently in Utah and has been busy attending various camps.

It's not that often that BYU has the opportunity to offer scholarships to two 6-foot-4-inch receivers that happen to be brothers and are within a few recruiting classes of each other. But, that's exactly what has happened for Marcus and Mitch Mathews, who have the opportunity to play together at the Division I level.

"I pulled Coach Higgins aside yesterday and just asked him if I could meet with him and Coach Mendenhall tomorrow morning during the freshman and sophomore meeting," Mathews said. "I just told him that I would just show up early, and he said that he would tell Coach Mendenhall and would wait around for him."

Mathews wanted to meet with Coach Mendenhall and Higgins to share some news on a decision he made.

"Yeah, we talked for a little while and a lot about my brother Marcus and how he's doing," Mathews said. "After that I just told them that after all the visits and places I've been I've never been more happier than here at BYU. I just told them that I feel I needed to be here more than any other place that I've been to."

The reasons behind Mathews' commitment were not only football related, but also stemmed from reasons outside of football.

"It was just about football," said Mathews. "I mean, BYU is a great football program and were in the top 15 the last two years in a row, and not very many schools do that. So yeah, they're a great football team, but when you throw in the other aspects about BYU like the spirituality, environment and other things that are found at BYU, it can't be beat."

Mathews is excited about the opportunity to play with his older Marcus, who committed to BYU and is part of the 2007 Cougar recruiting class. Currently serving a mission in Sweden, Elder Marcus Mathews has no idea that his younger brother has committed to play football at BYU. He recently just found out a few days ago that his younger brother Mitch had received a scholarship offer from the Cougars.

"My first offer came on a Monday the day that I get the emails, so I had to wait a week in order to tell [Marcus], and then a little longer after that for him to get back to me," said Mitch. "So he just found out [last Thursday].

"He was really excited, and he was like, ‘BYU is really sweet and now you know what to do, so just hurry up and commit to BYU so you and I can play together.' He's really excited and wants me to do that.

"I'm going to email him that I've committed this Sunday so he can get it on Monday. The emails go out once a week, and so I'll do it on Sunday. That way he can know this Monday. I know he'll be really excited. I know he's going to be really happy to know that I've committed to play for BYU on Monday."

Marcus Mathews, now Elder Mathews, was the first four-star wide receiver to ever come out of the state of Oregon. He signed an LOI with BYU, and is currently learning the missionary ropes in Sweden.

"Marcus is doing really good and he's been out for about 10 months now," said Mitch. "He said it was really hard at first trying to serve in that part of the world because the people aren't as receptive. He said he's learning a lot and is now fluent in Swedish."

Elder Mathews may have found that teaching the LDS faith in Sweden has become a difficult task. However, the hard work and persistence has paid off.

"[Marcus] just had a baptism and he's really excited about that," said Mitch. "His baptism was the first in a year in that area, so it was something that he was really excited about."

Last week, Mitch was in Bountiful, Utah as a spectator at the All-Poly Camp. He watched many of the players run through drills and participate in the full-contact scrimmages. The type of talent and athletes Mathews saw out on the playing field impressed him.

"There's a lot of good players out here," said Mathews. "Now that I'm here, there are a lot more kids than I expected. There are guys out here from Samoa and all over that are making an impact on the field right away. There are big-time recruits out here. I mean, I know a bunch of them and that's why I came. I know a bunch of guys from Lone Peak like Tanner Pendleton, Quaide Chapputs, Kade Andrus and Chandler Allphin. I know some other guys that are here [at the All-Poly Camp] that are the sons of my dad's friends [and I'm here] just to watch and show support."

Watching from the sidelines, Mathews wished he had participated with the talent present at the camp.

"Yeah, I wished I was out there playing," Mathews said. "I had been to other camps, so I was kind of sore and tired, but wished I was out there when I was there."

Prior to the All-Poly Camp, Mathews had been involved with other camps where he was able to put his physical abilities on display. It was after he attended these camps that he received offers from both UNLV and BYU.

"I went down to the UNLV camp first and thought I did pretty good down there," Mathews said. "They actually offered me the day after that and became my first offer. I went to BYU's Junior Day four days later and did pretty good I thought. I got an offer from BYU after that camp too. I then went down to Boise State after that and they had a really good camp and the coaches were cool."

"Then I went down to Idaho and was just there for a day," Mathews continued. "I told their coaches a long time ago that I would go down there to their camp, and so I just followed up on that. I was going to go to the UCLA camp, but then I decided not to because we had family things to do."

Mathews is currently attending BYU's non-padded camp this week with his family. Also in attendance with Mathews at this week's BYU camp is Sky Line High School quarterback Jake Heaps. Mathews has attended a few camps with Heaps and thinks the Washington quarterback is a special player.

"Jake is an amazing quarterback," said Mathews. "I knew he was good and have always worked out with him during the Barton Camps. He's always shown his best and he's just amazing. I saw him at the BYU Junior Day and he was so good that day I don't even know how to explain it. We've become good friends and our dads are good friends and we all like going to camps together, and hopefully we can play together at the same school. That would be cool."

Having formed a close tie with Heaps through their many camp experiences together, Mathews has seen the difference in how Heaps has made him a better wide receiver due to his passing ability.

"It seriously makes you want to play football," Mathews said. "It's amazing playing with someone, knowing that the ball is always going to be thrown at the right place. He's such a good quarterback that he can put the ball in the right place every time. It makes playing the game that much more fun."

BYU fans can welcome their newest Cougar commit - Mitch Mathews - into the Cougar fold.

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