Out of Breath

‘Out of breath' is a pretty good description of how the new freshmen felt during the first day of fall camp. A day that they had all been waiting for finally came, and it went. It likely got here a little earlier than most thought it would, as the day started at 5 a.m. with a hike up Y Mountain.

For these sleep deprived, wide-eyed freshmen, that was just the beginning of their first official day as a member of the BYU football team.

Friday night the team slept at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Shiloah Te'o said, "It was hot. The grass felt wet and I didn't sleep very much."

O'Neill Chambers said that night he was dreaming - literally - about running up Y Mountain.

As for the first day of practice, one can only imagine all of the thoughts that went through the minds of these young men that day. But after talking with some of the freshmen, some of the general terms used to describe the first day were ‘fast,' ‘confusing,' ‘intense,' and hard.'

Freshmen Daniel Sorensen and Shiloah Te'o showed very well at safety. Te'o admitted that he struggled at first with making reads and understanding calls and responsibilities, but he settled in and finished his first day very solidly.

"Practice was really hard," said Te'o. "I wasn't expecting for it to be as fast as it was. The pace is so fast going from one drill to the next. That's a lot of running."

Outside of not getting much sleep, Te'o's slow start could be attributed to nerves.

"I was really nervous," Te'o said. "I didn't know what to expect, and what practice was wasn't what I expected. It was really hard."

Among the many things that Te'o showed were his instincts and ability to read plays and get himself into a position to make a play.

On Saturday after his first Cougar practice was over, Te'o revealed his plan for getting ready for practice on Monday.

"I'm going to rest a lot for the rest of the weekend so I can get ready for the next practice," said Te'o.

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