Feeling Good ... Finally!

High School was very good to Jordan Pendleton. He won a state championship in basketball, helped end a 60-year football state championship drought at Bingham High, and was named the Utah 5A MVP. He was expected to be an instant contributor to the BYU program, but his freshman year was far from a dream, as he was plagued by a series of injuries that followed him from high school.

Jordan Pendleton redshirted last season and learned from his teammates and got himself healthy. Now he is primed and ready to be a major contributor to the Cougar defense.

"It took a while to get healthy, but now I am feeling as good as I can," said Pendleton. "Last year was really frustrating to be down here and not play … but all in all it was probably good for me."

Pendleton is expected to be behind David Tafuna at safety, but Tafuna is coming off of a major injury. And, as any Cougar fan has learned from years past, the secondary has had its fair share of injuries that have created a need for a number of players to step in and play, regardless of how much experience they may have at their position.

"I have just got to continue to learn the defense, know my responsibilities and make plays and stand out," Pendleton said. "If you can't make plays, you shouldn't be out there."

Making plays is something that Pendelton has done his whole athletic career. A multi-sport athlete at Bingham, Pendleton made play after play in big moments. Whether it was driving down the middle of the lane and slammin' the ball home with authority on the hardwood, or catching the title-clinching touchdown pass, Jordan Pendleton did it.

"My body is finally feeling good," said Pendleton. "I'm feeling fast and I feel more comfortable out there."

Pendleton feeling comfortable may be due to now having former high school teammates Justin Sorensen and Iona Pritchard as fellow members of the Cougs. Pendleton has stepped up as a leader and has been helping his fellow Miners know what to expect and how to adjust to life under Coach Mendenhall.

"Justin is looking good," said Pendleton. "He's just getting nervous. He just needs to calm down, ‘cause once he calms down he is an amazing kicker."

Regarding Pritchard, Pendleton said, "Iona just needs to learn the defense. Then he will be fine.

"I would talk to them all the time when they were at Bingham, and I let them know what to expect," Pendleton continued. "I think that it has been an easier adjustment for them than it was for me."

But what about the expectations that BYU fans have for Pendleton?

"There is definitely a lot, but I just have to keep working hard and keep doing my own thing and know that if I do that, all that stuff will work itself out," he said.

Jordan Pendleton has all of the potential in the world. If he continues working hard and can stay healthy, he could potentially be a mainstay of the BYU defense for years to come. The sky is the limit.

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