BYU in Wilson's Top Four

Spanish Fork tight end Richard Wilson is calmly gathering as much information as he can prior to scheduling recruiting trips to his top college choices. He has narrowed down his top four and will visit them by November.

After having paid a visit to LSU over the summer, Richard Wilson again made his way down to BYU to watch the Cougars run through practice. He was there to see how the tight ends are utilized within the Cougar program.

"It was really smooth and practice went well," Wilson said. "I really enjoyed it. When I was there I was just watching the tight ends a lot. I was trying to see how I would fit in coming in next year if I did. I wanted to see how I would fit and what my role would be within the offense."

BYU's football program has developed quality tight ends over the years, and this year is no different. Cougar tight end Dennis Pitta has been selected as a 2008 All-American, Rotary Lombardi Award and Mackey Award candidate heading into his junior year. Wilson feels he could compete on a similar level.

"I think I could compete with those guys in some ways," Wilson said. "I think BYU has some great tight ends, but I feel I may be a little faster. I don't know if I really am, but I think I might be a little faster."

Following practice, Wilson spoke to the Cougar coaches. He said he feels he has a great relationship with them and feels he has a good idea of who they are both as coaches and men.

"I spoke to Coach Mendenhall for a bit," said Wilson. "They talked to me about how I would fit into the offense and just how they would like to be there."

Wilson has been down to BYU quite a few times and had become a Cougar fan since the BYU coaching staff began recruiting him.

"I've been down to all the Junior Days, practices, spring ball, games and things like that, so I know quite a bit about BYU and what the program expects," said Wilson.

Wilson has scholarship offers from BYU, LSU, Miami, Stanford, Tennessee, Utah, Boise State, Arizona State and Washington, and aside from BYU, he has visited LSU, Utah, Colorado and Boise State.

"I kind of have a soft top four schools right now," Wilson said. "Things could change, but I do have a top four right now. The top four as of right now are BYU, Stanford, LSU and Miami."

Of the colleges he's been to, two in particular stick out to Wilson.

"The [LSU] facilities are really nice and they reminded me a lot of BYU's," Wilson said. "The two nicest facilities that I've ever seen are BYU and LSU's facilities."

Wilson had mentioned in a previous Total Blue Sports interview that he was going to commit to a college of his choice prior to the start of his senior season. Although Spanish Fork's first game is this Friday, Wilson decided to push back his commitment date a few months so he can better weigh his options and have the opportunity to visit schools some more.

"After receiving some new scholarship offers, I've decided to kind of push it back a little just to give everyone a fair chance," Wilson said. "I plan on making a commit public sometime in November. I want to take some trips to some of the top schools that I'm looking at right now. I've never been to Miami and Stanford. I just want to see those schools for myself. I just want to see as much as I can before I make a decision."

Wilson has a lot of scholarship offers from top quality football programs. Another top LDS football prospect, Manti Te'o, previously told Total Blue Sports that he feels he has the God-given talents and work ethic to play anywhere and be successful, and that he doesn't have to go to the "big dogs" of college football in order to reach his personal goals. Wilson echoed Te'o's comments.

"[Te'o] said if you're good enough you can play anywhere," Wilson said. "I feel the same way. If you're a good enough player and want to take your game to the next level, you're going to make it happen. I think you can play for a little school and, if you're good enough, you can impress the NFL scouts and they'll want you."

Wilson listed a few things that will help him decide where he wants to play college football.

"The bottom line is, you have to go to a place where you feel comfortable," Wilson said. "You're not going to want to go to a place where you don't feel comfortable living there for four or five years [and] being away from home.

"I also want to see how well they use their tight ends [and see] their tradition and how well of a program they have. I don't want to go to a losing team. I want to see where I can compete the best and where I'll fit in the best. I would like to play as soon as I can if I'm able to and stuff like that. Also, academics are a big issue for me, as [are] the type of coaches that are within the program."

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