Cougars 51-75

G-man takes us through the next portion of the roster in his ultimate reference guide up and down the Cougar football roster. Numbers 51-75 consists mostly of offensive and defensive linemen, including a lot of fresh new faces who look to contribute this coming year.

#51-Matt Ah You 5-11, 227 Jr. LB: Ah You was pointed out during the summer as one who the defense needed to make a big impact in the fall. So far Ah You has more than met the challenge, as he's had one of the better fall camp sessions of anyone on the roster.

Ah You will likely split time with Shawn Doman at Buck linebacker while seeing some quality reps at Mike linebacker when Matt Bauman gets some breathers. He has impressed during most practices, giving him the slight edge over Doman at the Buck position heading into the opening game against Northern Iowa.

#52-Russell Tialavea 6-3, 300 Jr. DL: Tialavea has had a very productive fall, not missing a single practice session after returning in great form from his ACL injury. Tialavea's attitude and overall physical shape has never been better, and he looks to boost the overall play of the defensive line considerably.

#53-Tom Sorensen 6-5, 310 Jr. OL: Sorensen's shoulder remains an issue and it's uncertain at this point how much he'll be able to contribute this year. Sorensen was battling for the starting center spot when he went down and will have a lot of work to make up after falling behind due to his injury.

#54-Kyle Luekenga 6-3, 270 Jr. DL: Luekenga has rejoined the team and has shown well during stretches, playing most with the third-team defensive unit. He missed a few days of practice with an injury, but is back now and looking to add to the depth of the strong Cougar defensive line.

#55-Solomone Kafu 6-2, 323 Fr. DL: Kafu has looked good and coaches have commented on how much they like his potential. He is someone who won't need to contribute as a true freshman, as the Cougar depth on the defensive line is very impressive.

Kafu has seen most of his work at defensive end, although he's still considered to be a nose tackle prospect by coaches. He has shown good burst and strength so far this fall.

#56-Chris Muehlmann 6-0, 211 Sr. DS: Muehlmann will handle the primary deep-snapping responsibilities this season.

#57-Matt Putnam 6-6, 237 Fr. DL: Putnam has seen a lot of work with the second-team defensive unit. He is very good in rushing the quarterback, but is learning how to defend the run better. Look for Putnam to sub in during some passing situations this fall.

#58-Jeff Bell 6-0, 220 Jr. LB: Bell has seen most of his reps at ILB with the second- and third-team defensive units. As Pritchard and Hadley continue to struggle in coverage, Bell just might see his opportunity to rise up the depth chart and become the next ILB option behind Shawn Doman, Matt Bauman and Matt Ah You.

#59-John Pace 6-2, 205 So. DS: Pace is the backup deep-snapper.

#60-Terence Brown 6-3, 334 So. OL: Brown has seen most of his reps with the second-team offense playing the right guard position. Brown broke the two-deep roster as a true freshman before his mission and looks to break it again this year.

#61-Mark Freeman 6-0, 284 Fr. OL: Freeman has been playing left guard with the third-team offensive line and at times with the second-team unit.

#62-Lawrence Pico 6-3, 266 Fr. OL: Pico hasn't seen many reps to this point, playing mostly with the third- and fourth-team offenses.

#63-Jesse Taufi 6-4, 314 Jr. OL: Taufi has been seeing reps playing both right tackle and right guard with the second-team offense. He has a great build for an offensive lineman, and has extraordinarily long arms that will aid him greatly in his pass-blocking.

Look for Taufi to be one of the top candidates to fill the right tackle spot next season, but this year he looks to earn a spot on the two-deep roster.

#64-R.J. Willing 6-5, 312 Jr. OL: Willing is viewed as the sixth offensive lineman right now, in that he'll be the first OL off the bench to sub at in at most positions. Willing's contribution as the sort of ultimate utility offensive lineman should prove very valuable this season.

#65-Dallas Reynolds 6-5, 320 Jr. OL: Reynolds has seen just about all his reps playing center with the first-team offense. Reynolds hasn't missed a beat and has done very well with snapping the football when the quarterback is under center and when the offense in a shotgun formation, which is often the case in Robert Anae's offense.

Reynolds, teamed with Ray Feinga and Travis Bright, should prove to be a very punishing run blocking combination up the middle. While the starting center position hasn't been officially announced as of yet, the position likely belongs to Reynolds.

#66-Garrett Reden 6-3, 275 So. OL: Reden is much like Willing in that he'll be a valuable utility lineman. But, if called upon, Reden will be filling in on the right side of the line while Willing subs in at the left side.

#67-Nate Hartung 6-2, 360 Fr. OL: Hartung has seen most of his reps playing center with the third-team offense and has seen time at guard.

#68-David Oswald 6-8, 330 Sr. OL: Oswald was the offensive lineman last year who perhaps saw the most improvement over the course of the season. He has locked down the starting right tackle spot and has looked good there this August.

#70-Matt Reynolds 6-6, 321 Fr. OL: Coach Weber stated before Tom Sorensen went down with his shoulder injury that the center position was open. He stated further that the point of the opening the center position was an effort to get his best combination of five offensive linemen on the field.

After three weeks of practice it's pretty obvious that any combination of best offensive linemen would have to include Matt Reynolds. The opening of the center position had more to do with finding a spot for Matt Reynolds than anything else, as he should progress to graduate as one of the top offensive linemen ever to pass through BYU's program.

#71-Rick Wolfley 6-3, 330 So. DL: Wolfley has lost some weight in the offseason and has looked good so far this fall. Wolfley will be used primarily as a run stopper at the nose tackle position, which requires at least some rotation throughout any game.

#72-Nick Alletto 6-6, 288 So. OL: Alletto has seen most of his reps playing left tackle with the second-team offensive unit. Alletto has a good physical makeup to play left tackle and should earn himself a spot on the two-deep roster, and should compete hard for a starting spot next season.

#73-Jason Speredon 6-5, 291 So. OL: Speredon is in pretty much the same boat as Alletto, seeing most of his time playing left guard with the second-team offensive unit after moving over from tackle last fall.

#74-Travis Bright 6-5, 313 Sr. OL: Bright looks as if he hasn't missed a beat since breaking his leg in the Las Vegas Bowl. It's been amazing to witness Bright return to form without much - if any - drop-off. Bright is as punishing of a blocker as they come and should pave the way from some good offensive production this coming year.

#75-Stetson Tenney 6-5, 293 Fr. OL: Tenney is seeing most of his reps playing tackle with the third-team offensive unit, adding some good depth to the offensive line.

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