Cougars 76-99

G-man finishes up his fall football ultimate roster guide by taking us through numbers 76-99. The last quarter of the roster includes most of the defensive linemen and wide receivers who will be contributing this coming season.

#76-Ray Feinga 6-5, 348 Sr. OL: Feinga is the best offensive lineman on the team, having started in each of the last two seasons. There was some concern about Feinga gaining too much weight, but let me assure you that he carries it well and will be as dominant as ever this season.

#77-Ian Dulan 6-1, 255 Jr. DE: Dulan started off strong this fall, but has since tailed off. This is due in large part to his shoulder injury, which he's slowly coming back from. Dulan dressed Saturday for practice but didn't participate in contact drills. He should be good to go on Monday as it stands.

#78-Brock Stringham 6-5, 280 Fr. OL: Stringham has shown very well for a freshman offensive lineman. He reported to camp in good shape and has made strides that few true freshmen make on the offensive line. He looks very promising.

#79-Ron Best 6-2, 285 Fr. OL: Best has been playing mostly with the third-team offense, logging time at offensive guard.

#80-Kaneakua Friel 6-5, 235 Fr. TE: Friel has been seeing almost every rep at tight end after seeing a lot of time at fullback early on during camp. Friel is an exceptional athlete who is hitting his stride. He is the next tight end behind Dennis Pitta and Andrew George.

#83-Spencer Hafoka 6-0, 183 Fr. WR: Hafoka is likely the fifth receiver in the rotation as it stands right now. Hafoka has not disappointed this fall and is just behind Luke Ashworth and O'Neill Chambers on the depth chart currently.

Hafoka has very good top-end speed which makes him a good option for long passes. He has made some spectacular plays this August and should have a bright future ahead of him.

#84-Jan Jorgensen 6-3, 274 Jr. DE: Jorgensen has added at least 10 pounds to his frame and is better than ever as he gets set to start for his third straight season. He was the best defensive end in the Mountain West last year and should very well end this coming season as such.

Jorgensen has seen limited reps due to simply not having much to prove or gain by practicing fully. When he has been in he's fared extremely well, as one would readily expect.

#85-Landon Jaussi 6-5, 208 So. WR: Jaussi is one of the main targets with the second-team offensive unit. He has great size and good speed, leading to some good practice production. Jaussi is probably the sixth or seventh wide receiver option on the team as of right now.

#88-Andrew George 6-5, 243 Jr. TE: George has had as good of an August as anyone. With Pitta seeing limited work the past week or so, George has really risen to the occasion as a main target and playmaker within the first-team offense.

#90-Bernard Afutiti 6-0, 260 Jr. DE: Afutiti has come on as strong as anyone, but is now sidelined on and off with some neck injury problems. He should be fine for the start of the season and has reached the point where he'll play a role in the defensive end rotation this coming year.

Afutiti's overall movement and burst off the line has been very impressive to watch this fall. Junior college transfers are often asked to contribute in their first season at their new school, and that is what BYU looks to do with Afutiti.

#92-Brett Denney 6-4, 260 Jr. DE: Denney is likely the first option at defensive end right now opposite Jorgensen due to Dulan missing a lot of practice time and Denney's consistent play. Denney was at least as good as Dulan last season and both ends are in very good shape with Jorgensen and Denney getting most of the reps.

With Denney, Dulan and now Afutiti, the Cougars have a lot of great options at the defensive end positions opposite Jan Jorgensen or even rotating in for Jorgensen on occasion.

#93-Mosese Foketi 6-0, 277 Sr. DL: Foketi is the second-string nose tackle right now behind Russell Tialavea. Foketi has had a productive fall camp and has impressed his position coach Steve Kaufusi. Foketi is more mobile than his counterparts vying for the same spot.

#94-Brock Richardson 6-2, 260 Sr. DL: Richardson is sort of the utility backup at both the defensive end positions and at nose tackle. While he isn't the first option off the bench, he'll add valuable depth this season.

#95-Braden Brown 6-6, 250 Fr. TE: Brown has looked very good this fall and should play a big role at the tight end positions once Pitta and George graduate. He won't likely see much game time due to those ahead of him on the roster, but come 2010 Brown could very rise to be the top option at the tight end position.

Brown has very good movement and speed for someone of his size. He catches the ball very well. Once he learns to be a punishing blocker he should prove to be one of the better tight ends BYU has ever had should he continue to progress as he has.

#96-Jonathan McCullough 6-5, 237 So. TE: McCullough is a solid player. He doesn't have the upside of Braden Brown, but will add very good depth to the tight end position.

#97-Tevita Hola 6-1, 309 Jr. DL: Hola has had a difficult camp, as he entered camp as the assumed backup nose tackle. Hola lost that spot long ago and is now seeing time playing defensive end with the third-team defense.

#98-Justin Blackmore 6-1, 292 Fr. DL: Blackmore is seeing reps at defensive end and at nose tackle with the third- and fourth-team defensive units.

#99-Victor Unga 5-11, 366 Fr. DL: Unga, like Blackmore, is seeing time with the third- and fourth-team defenses. Unga has enormous lower-body strength and should he prove to be mobile enough, he could see some good time during short-yardage situations in the future.

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