Number One Recruit Impressed With Cougars

For the Max Preps Lemming Report, CBS affiliate Tom Lemmings named Washington quarterback Jake Heaps the number one quarterback and overall recruit for the 2010 class. Last Saturday, Heaps was at LaVell Edwards Stadium to watch the Cougar offense put up 59 points on a very good UCLA defense.

In September of 2007, Bruce Feldman of ESPN ranked DeWayne Walker's UCLA defense between Miami and Auburn as the nation's eighth best defense. A year later Bruce Davis is gone, but many like Brigham Harwell, Brian Price, Bret Lockett, Reggie Carter, Kyle Bosworth, Korey Boswell and Alterraun Verner, among others with experience, have returned.

Issaquah High School quarterback Jake Heaps and his family were on hand at LaVell Edwards Stadium to watch the game between BYU and UCLA - both universities that have offered him a scholarship.

"Yeah, it was awesome," said Heaps about the experience. "We flew up there and I brought the whole crew up there with me. I brought my mom, my dad, my brother-in-law and sister, and my girlfriend. We went up and were looking forward to a really good game. The game was really hyped up and we were all really excited thinking it was going to be an awesome game that would be a battle back and forth."

Heaps was surprised to see how fast and efficiently the Cougar offense was able to put so many points.

"[BYU] started out really good and the next thing you know they're blowing them out 42-0 at halftime," Heaps said. "We were going, ‘Oh man, this is unbelievable.' The offense looked great and Max Hall looked as comfortable as could be, and it was really great to see Austin Collie have the day that he had after the last couple of weeks [when he was] dropping a few balls. It was cool to see him get going again, and Dennis Pitta is such a stud. It was great seeing him doing so well and it's amazing to see a tight end leading the NCAA in receiving yards. He's an unbelievable player, and you can't say enough about Harvey [Unga]."

Heaps was impressed with how poised and prepared the team looked.

"Probably the most exciting thing about it was how well BYU was able to perform in the way they did in such a big game," said Heaps. "BYU came out strong and played really well the entire game. The players all looked prepared and looked ready to get after it. They were on a mission and were really looking forward to the game. You could see how they were hyped up about the game and came out and executed really well."

Prior to the game, Heaps met with the Cougar coaching staff and was given some insight into what the Cougar game plan was.

"The coaches told me what they were going to try and do before the game started," said Heaps. "They came out and executed exactly what they wanted to do. It was really neat being able to see that and to see how they were going to do exactly what they said. They came up with a really good game plan. It was really neat because when I'm told something I definitely soak it up and take it in, so it was definitely cool to watch all that and to see how everything went.

"I was definitely watching all the key little details, and Max audibling at the line with seven in the box, and stuff like that. I was really able to see all the little details that were going on during the game and it was really cool for me to pick up on that and see BYU execute."

Heaps was excited and honored to have been given additional insight into the Cougar coaching staff's UCLA game plan.

"I think when a coach gives you some insight into what the game plan is, that is a really cool deal," Heaps said. "That basically says they trust you enough knowing they're basically giving you the game plan and entrusting you to honor that. I think that is really cool."

Prior to the game, Heaps was very surprised to hear how loud the crowd was, and he was also surprised to see that many BYU fans knew who he was.

"Oh, I thought it was awesome, and I was down there for the pre-game with all the people who were there screaming and yelling," said Heaps. "It was really cool to see all these people who knew who I was and knew my name. I really did appreciate it and it as awesome. You always want to show some love back to the fans that recognize you, so it was great to talk to them and shake their hands and to get to know who they were. It was just cool and everyone was really nice."

In all the day was an enjoyable one for the Heaps family. The excitement of game day and the energy from the crowd made the game that much more enjoyable. While sitting in the stands, Heaps noticed that the Cougars on the field and on the sidelines were enjoying the day as well.

"It really looked like the team was having fun out there," said Heaps. "From a team's standpoint, when you have the confidence and know you can go out there and beat a team, it just makes the game that much more fun to play. You can tell that BYU is a team that has that confidence and has that swagger to them, and they're a team that knows they can play with anybody. That's a huge factor for any team."

The confidence and swagger possessed on BYU's team is a trait that has filtered on down through the ranks. After the first half, Heaps was able to watch many second and third team players perform on the field against the Bruin first team units.

"It's always cool to see the second- and third-team guys come in a get to play in a big game like that," said Heaps. "They were even able to do awesome, and so that was even cool to see. My family was sitting next to Richard Wilson and Mitch Mathews' family, and I was talking to Richard Wilson and he was saying how he knows a lot of the kids on BYU's team. He said when he was playing against Timpview High School, two of those linebackers he played against were out there. I'm sure that was cool for him to see those guys play. It seems like a lot of those Utah guys know each other really well."

If there were ever a first game to attend to experience Cougar football, the Cougars' 59-0 defeat of UCLA would definitely be a good first..

"I definitely had a great day and it was fun," Heaps said. "I mean, I've never been to a BYU game and it was awesome and a great experience. Me and my family and girlfriend all had a great time and enjoyed the moment for sure."

In the meantime, the recruiting process continues forward for Heaps, who is currently a junior. Not only does he have 15 scholarship offers, but he has been named by Tom Lemmings as the number one recruit in the country for the class of 2010.

"Hey, that's pretty unbelievable," said Heaps. "I say it quite often, but this whole experience has been so surreal to me. I've worked hard and hoped everything worked out fine for me, and it has and it's been so rewarding and it feels so good to know that I've worked hard for it. But at the same time, I'm not satisfied. I don't put it as additional pressure, but I think it gives me more additional motivation to go out there, work harder [and] perform my best to show that I'm worthy of such an accolade."

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