BYU Offers Bingham Running Back

The Cougar coaching staff has evaluated and offered Bingham High School running back Harvey Langi, apparently feeling that he is talented enough to represent a program currently ranked ahead of USC, Florida, Ohio State and Georgia in the polls.

Sophomore running back Harvey Langi is excited, grateful and feels blessed that the coaching staff of his church's college feels that his talents are worthy of a scholarship. The 6-foot-1-inch, 208-pound member of the 2011 recruiting class is excited about his new offer.

"I'm just very thankful," said Langi. "It just feels really good to be offered by BYU. That school has been working hard to build their program to get up there [in the polls], and now they're up there. On top of that they're a really good school and I'm just very thankful. I'm excited about it."

The one aspect about BYU that has caught Langi's eye the most are the values and high standards that are incorporated within a program reaping a whirlwind of success.

"BYU is a great school and I went over there, and the coaches are very welcoming," said Langi. "It was just a really good experience for me. I just thought of how, if I came to BYU, would it be for me and my family. I was thinking of how it would help me and my family because of our religious beliefs, and how it would help me in my academics and with my sports. BYU is a school that has high standards. They have kids that play the way they are and do good things off the field. They're athletes that have high standards and play with religious beliefs [and] that win football games. That inspires me a lot."

Since receiving his scholarship offer, Langi has become more motivated to continue to strive for greater accomplishments.

"It just makes me want to work harder, but be humble about it and keep doing what I can do on and off the field," Langi said. "I just want to keep doing well in school and do what I can to be better."

Not only is Langi grateful for his new offer by the Cougar coaching staff, but he also says his parents are very happy about the situation as well.

"They like the school a lot," said Langi. "They just want me to be subtle and think about it. I still have a lot of time and can't really do anything until my junior year, but they think it's a really good school too. They think it's a really good school for me to go to if I decide to go there."

Langi plans on serving an LDS mission following high school, which is also a reason why BYU is an attractive school to him. If the Bingham High School running back does indeed serve a mission while playing at the next level, having a scholarship upon his return won't be an issue at BYU.

Because of this and other reasons, Langi said BYU is one of his top schools.

"BYU is a very good school because of what it has to offer," said Langi. "My top five schools that I would like to possibly go to are BYU, USC, Florida, Oregon or Texas. I would have to say those would probably be my top schools right now."

Langi is very impressed with the program under BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"He's a very good coach and a very nice guy too," said Langi. "I know he's done some great things at Brigham Young University. I really like him a lot."

Langi said that if he does commit to BYU, it would be because of the high standards that are found within the school and Cougar program.

"My standards are the same standards that BYU has, and that's probably one of the main reasons why [I would go there]," said Langi. "I would also say the environment too and the type of people down there [are things that I like]. I would also say academics would be something that I would like too. Academics are very important."

In order to see the football field at Bingham High School, Coach Dave Peck, his staff and current players agreed that each player has to have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

"Right now, my GPA is around a 3.8," Langi said. "Our program at Bingham is a lot like BYU's program. Coach Peck wants us as players to live higher standards on and off the field. We have high standards in our own program at Bingham. We have a code of ethics that all of us live by and it's just like how it is at BYU."

Two current athletes at Bingham High School have scholarship offers. Remington Peck has committed to BYU, while the Cougar coaching staff is waiting to see if L.T. Filiaga will follow suit. Langi likes the idea of possibly playing with a few Bingham players at the next level.

"Yeah, it would be really nice to be able to play with the same players you played with in high school," Langi said. "We already know each other and know how to play together, so I think it would be really neat to be able to play with some of my teammates at the next level. I just like playing with all of them and I trust all of them."

Coach Dave Peck has stated to Total Blue Sports that his sophomore class is one of the most talented he's ever coached. Not only does that class include Harvey Langi, but players such as Baker Pritchard and Manoa Pekula might be on the Cougar scholarship-offer list in the near future.

"Our sophomore class is crazy," Langi said. "We have a lot of talented players that are sophomores on our team."

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