Allettos Come in Threes

Nick Alletto is now in his second year as a Cougar and is developing to the point where he'll battle for a starting spot next year. Meanwhile, his younger brothers Terry and Dan are set to join him on the team, which will be a unique opportunity for all of them, as they all grew up true-blue Cougars with dreams of playing football for BYU.

"It's going to be a lot of fun for us," said Nick Alletto about all three brothers being on the team at the same time. "It will most likely only be for that year, but I'm excited to have both Dan and Terry on the team with me for sure."

Dan Alletto is currently serving a mission after having spent one year in the program as a walk-on. He's set to return for the 2009 season and will most likely be trying to make his mark on the defensive line.

Terry Alletto, meanwhile, is in his last year of high school, and is starting at center for Ponderosa High School. Terry has been committed to BYU for almost a full year now and is anxious to join the team for one year before leaving for his own mission.

"BYU has always been the place where I wanted to play football and attend school," said Terry. "I like the fact that I'll be playing with my brothers there. That is certainly something that I look forward to."

Even though having the opportunity to play on the same team as his brothers is something positive for the youngest Alletto, it certainly isn't the main draw for him.

"I'd go to BYU no matter what," said Terry. "Even if my brothers were playing for another school, I'd still be going to BYU. It's the school that's the right place for me, and my brothers obviously feel the same way."

"We're all true-blue Cougars," added Nick. "We grew up in sort of a BYU family, so all of us choosing to go to BYU wasn't really that hard of a decision. I know it wasn't for me, and it was the same for Terry. All of us have always wanted to play for BYU."

Since coming back from his mission, Nick has struggled to get his feet back, particularly after having had to battle back from some untimely injuries.

"It was sort of like being a newborn horse," said Nick about starting to play football again. "My feet were just going everywhere and I had to learn to control them again and have them work for me when blocking. It took time, but I'm happy with where I'm at now."

Nick is currently on the two-deep roster backing up the right tackle position. Due to a couple of blowouts the last couple of weeks, he has been able to see a lot of game time, including being in on a touchdown drive against UCLA.

"That was a great feeling for all of us," said Nick. "It was my first time being in there when the team scored a touchdown, and it's just an awesome feeling. It's great to have the opportunity to play as much as we all have these past few games, and it's going to help us out a lot."

Meanwhile, Terry is starting at center for his high school squad. While Nick has a classic offensive tackle build thanks to the fact that he is tall and lean, Terry has a bit more meat on his lower body, which allows him to make his mark on the interior of the offensive line.

"Terry has more lower-body strength than I did in high school," noted Nick. "It helps him a lot playing center, and that's the big difference between us."

As the center for his team, Terry makes all the blocking calls for his offensive line.

"I feel I'm good at recognizing what defenses are doing and making the right blocking calls," said Terry. "I've worked hard at just knowing the game and what teams do, and it's helping me this year."

"Terry is doing a great job this year," said Nick. "He's going to do great here at BYU if he just continues to work, and I know that Dan will be working hard as well when he gets off his mission. It's going to be a lot of fun and hopefully we all work hard to contribute to the team as much as possible."

Not Touched

One of the biggest fans of Nick Alletto and his fellow second-team offensive linemen is Brenden Gaskins, who has seen some good success as the backup quarterback. Through just more than two quarters of work the past two games, Gaskins hasn't had to face much pressure in the backfield.

"I haven't been touched," said Gaskins. "We've had about 45 plays out there as a unit, and I can't recall ever getting touched even once. The second-team offensive line is getting it done and they're playing very well."

Early on this fall, Gaskins and quarterback coach Brandon Doman readily noted that the increased success of the second-team offensive unit during fall camp was directly due to the increased level of execution from the offensive line. When given ample time to execute plays, Gaskins has seen his play get better.

"It's so important for us to just keep improving, and playing in games helps so much," said Gaskins. "There's going to be a time where one of us needs to step up with the first-team unit, whether it be this year or next year, and we need to be ready, so having that game-time experience and having success during games is huge for all of us."

Bucking Bronco Baby Boy

Fullback Isaac Taylor is a proud new father after the birth of his first son just a few days ago. The name he gave his son was Joshua Bronco Taylor.

"It was really my wife's idea," said Taylor about his new son's middle name. "She liked the idea because of everything Bronco stands for and what he's brought the program to."

Any coach is a huge part of a player's life and can have a very positive effect on any particular player. For Taylor, the time spent within BYU's program under the direction of Bronco Mendenhall has been nothing but positive.

"Basically I've been in the program since the turnaround," noted Taylor. "It's really helped shape my life, my wife's life and in a big way my son's life. So, we like the idea of helping all of us remember the impact he's had in all of our lives with the name ‘Bronco' and all that the name stands for."

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