Wilson Discusses his BYU Commitment

The nation's seventh-ranked tight end gave a verbal commitment to BYU coaches Friday morning. Spanish Fork High School's Richard Wilson passed up some top rated football programs to play for his church's college.

Four-star recruit and highly rated tight end Richard Wilson committed to BYU on Friday.

"I called up Coach Reynolds this morning when he was up in Logan," said Wilson. "I basically just told him that I wanted to become a Cougar and committed to him on the phone. He said he was excited to get me out here and to get going. I'm excited about my commitment to BYU."

Wilson passed up notable football programs such as LSU, Miami, Stanford, Tennessee, Utah and Washington by committing to the Cougar staff.

"Those schools have great programs and the coaches have been really nice to me," Wilson said. "BYU just felt right for me and has everything I want at the college level and more. The atmosphere and the way BYU uses their tight ends [such as] Dennis Pitta has been amazing. The way the offense uses the tight ends and how much success Pitta has had is really exciting. They throw the ball a lot to the tight ends, and that's what I want to do, is catch the ball. Also, playing close to home where my family can watch me play is another reason [I chose BYU], as well as playing for my church school and representing my faith on the football field."

The 6-foot-3-inch, 224-pound speedster will bring his field-stretching abilities to an offense that currently has one of the best tight ends in the country in Dennis Pitta. Watching how the Cougar offense utilizes Pitta helped Wilson make his decision earlier rather than later.

"The offense uses the tight ends a lot, and how successful Dennis Pitta been catching the ball just made me think of how I would play within this offense," said Wilson. "And it's not just the success Dennis Pitta has had, but also Austin Collie and how well the players are coached at BYU. Coach Mendenhall has done a great job in building that program up and they're ranked seventh in the nation. Why wouldn't anyone want to play for a program like that?"

Wilson feels that some of the success that the Cougars have had is partly due to the common bonds of faith that is found among the players.

"I think because they play for something higher than just football," Wilson said. "When you play for something more than just football, say like your faith or for one another, it helps to bring you closer together as a team. I think that's important for success because you're all playing for something more than just a school or the colors on a jersey … [you're playing] for a higher purpose. Coach Mendenhall has built his program around principles and the players play at a high level because they believe in those principles."

Prior to his BYU offer, Wilson's family was divided in their loyalties between Utah and BYU. With his verbal commitment to BYU, does that mean those that were once red are now blue?

"Well, I don't know," Wilson said with a slight laugh. "I think they love and support me, but I don't know if that will mean they will now be BYU fans. I seriously have received about 45 phone calls today from family members. My phone has been ringing all day. Maybe instead of having red in their veins, maybe it will now be purple."

One thing is for sure: Wilson is fully committed to becoming a Cougar and is happy about his decision.

"I'm really excited," Wilson said. "I can't wait to play at BYU and for Coach Mendenhall. I can now focus on the rest of my season and not have to worry about anything anymore. The recruiting experience hasn't been too stressful, but now I don't have to worry about talking to coaches who are calling me before games and all the things that go with recruiting. I can just focus on finishing up my senior season and looking forward to going to BYU."

Upon committing to the Cougars, Wilson received congratulations from current Cougar cornerback Cameron Comer and Timpview High School recruit Xavier Su'afilo, both of which are good friends with Wilson.

"Yeah, [Comer] texted me once he found out, saying it's good that I'll be in Cougar blue," said Wilson. "I also got one from Xavier, and he congratulated me too."

Su'afilo and Wilson have talked about playing football together at the college level.

With the Cougars playing Utah State the day of his commitment, Wilson expressed confidence that the Cougars will have no problem handling the Aggies at Romney Stadium.

"Oh yeah, BYU is going to win," said Wilson. "I would say BYU 55 and Utah State 6."

Wilson plans on attending BYU for a year before leaving to serve an LDS mission. Excited about his commit, Wilson had this to say to BYU fans around the world in closing:

"I just want to say that I'm really excited about BYU," said Wilson. "I'm excited to get going after this year and be a part of Coach Mendenhall's program. BYU just felt right and I'm happy about my decision to commit to play football there."

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