Peck Finds Leadership and Success

Bingham High School star Remington Peck, the son of Bingham's linebacker coach, has been having a very good senior year both on the Miner offense and defense. The coaching staff has counted on this two-way star to not only perform well on the field, but to also fill a leadership role among the players.

The trend of recruiting big, tall receivers is common throughout college football, and 6-foot-5-inch, 210-pound BYU commit Remington Peck definitely fits that mold. Along with 6-foot-4-inch wide receiver Mike Edmunds, Peck is one of the primary receiving weapons in an offense that has utilized a more complex passing game this season.

"From last year to this year I think I've definitely grown in my receiving game," Peck said. "Last year I played behind Austin Holt, but I still was able to get the opportunity to catch some balls. This year, I've been able to play a larger role in the receiving game."

Peck caught four passes for 109 yards and one touchdown in Bingham High School's 48-20 victory over Jordan last week. His longest touchdown catch was 44 yards. On top of his improved receiving game, Peck has also improved on other aspects of his game in order to further become a more complete wide receiver.

"My blocking as a receiver has always been pretty good," said Peck. "This year I've been working with our offensive line coach and being involved more in the blocking game, so I think my blocking has improved in the run game and also downfield. I also think my speed has improved as well from last year, so those are the two things that I feel I've improved on."

As a senior leader for the Miners, Peck takes an active role as one of the team's captains. It's a disposition BYU fans will be very happy to hear about, knowing he will bring that type demeanor to BYU.

"One thing that Coach Peck has done is we have a team meeting before the game where the coaches leave," said Peck. "At that time it falls on us to lead the team by saying something. We have a minute to talk to the team before we go out. I tell my teammates that as a team captain I will give everything I have for them and will give everything I've got out on the field if they will do the same for me. Peck's leadership skills were used to motivate his team during the game against Jordan.

"I'm so proud of our team," said Peck. "I went into the locker room and just unleashed because we didn't look good and we weren't excited. If you can't get excited for a game like Jordan in an atmosphere like that then you shouldn't be playing the game. I mean, once we got there everyone was flying around with emotion and it was awesome. I loved it."

Not only does Peck help lead his team as a captain and in Bingham High School's traditional pre-game haka, but he also plays various positions on offense and defense as well. At 6 feet 5 inches, Peck is one of the tallest skill defenders in the state of Utah.

"I play tight end on offense and a lot of the time I'll play slot receiver as well," said Peck. "On defense I play outside linebacker and defensive end in the rush game like I did against Jordan when we knew they were going to pass. I'm pretty good with my moves, so they want someone with speed on the outside to see if I can get to the quarterback."

Peck isn't quite sure what position he'll play while a Cougar, but one thing is for sure: he wants to catch the ball in some capacity in that high flying offense.

"I just don't know how I can go up there and not touch the ball," said Peck. "I want to try and go out for tight end, but BYU has already told me that will be where I best fit in, and then I can make my decision."

Peck committed early to BYU for many of the same reasons that many other young LDS athletes have committed early to the Cougar program. Many of them have commented on how BYU's coaching staff focuses on them as people first, rather than as just football players.

"When I received my offer and went down there for my meeting with my parents, Coach Mendenhall didn't really talk much about football," Peck said. "Football was about the fourth thing we talked about on the list. It was more about being the best person you can be, and that's the same philosophy that Coach Peck has here at Bingham. He wants us to be the best that we can be when we leave this program, and then football is next. It's something that I definitely try to follow."

So does the Cougar coaching staff still keep in contact with Peck even though he committed early?

"Oh yeah, I get calls from them all of the time," he said. "I've been to all of the home games and it's been a lot of fun. I definitely think BYU got out to a great start with the talent they have. They run a program that's a lot like ours here at Bingham. Our defense flies around to the ball, and that's what we try and do here. Some of the players on BYU's football team are really like role models to me and I really look up to them so much and their coaches and how they run their program down there."

Like fellow Miner teammate L.T. Filiaga, Peck gets very excited when he sees his former teammate and current Cougar fullback and linebacker Iona Pritchard out on the field at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

"Oh my gosh dude, that kid has got a freaking motor," said an excited Peck about Pritchard. "I love going to the games and then seeing and talking to him afterwards. It's so much fun to see him play out on the field and it's a lot of fun."

Watching former and future teammate Iona Pritchard excel on both sides of the ball is exciting for Peck, much as it is for Filiaga. Peck is doing his best to try and get Filiaga to join him in wearing the blue and white of BYU.

"You don't even know how much I'm trying to get that kid down to the Y," said Peck while laughing. "I'm always telling him, ‘Just come down there with me and we can room together, we can play together, and you know you're going to play next year.' I told him, ‘Look at Iona and look at what he's doing down there.' I definitely think that L.T. could fill a similar role and more down there."

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