Greetings BYU Fans!

Cougar Fans:<br><br> Many years ago, I was a sports addict who, while attending <!--Default NodeId For BYU is 522,2005--><A HREF=>BYU</a>, couldn't find anything timely and insightful about Cougar sports. <br><br>

Then I came across H.B. Arnett's "Cougar Sportsline," the publication I literally waited by the mailbox for.

Over the past two decades, I have loved reading H.B.'s honest, sometimes brutal, commentary about everything BYU sports. I have been fortunate to have worked over a decade in the sports business myself, covering high school athletics and many times crossing paths with future Cougar recruits while working at Student Sports, the producers of the Nike Football Camps.

At Student Sports, we've been proud to be part of TheInsiders network of recruiting experts and team publishers nationwide. Today is an exciting day for us, and hopefully for you as well, as we put a team together to give you the fastest breaking news, the most insightful commentary and the accurate evaluations and insight necessary to paint a true picture of Cougar sports.

Let me say this also: we're fans of all those who've done a great job covering BYU over the years including Dick Harmon and his stellar team at CougarBlue. I've contributed several articles to that website and hope it will continue doing what it does so well.

We will have our strengths also, including unparalleled access to recruits and a direct line to many BYU athletic insiders for information straight from the horses' (Cougars?) mouth.

Finally, expect this site to give you the great insight and honesty that H.B. has provided over the years combined with a team of experts now behind him to give more info than ever before. It's an exciting era for BYU sports and we will be there with you to "tell it like it is."

Brentt Eads

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