BYU Receives BIG OL Commit

The Cougars of BYU have received an offensive lineman commit from the state of Oklahoma. The latest Cougar commit chose BYU over Iowa State and Oregon State.

BYU fans were wondering if and when one of the biggest offensive tackles in the state of Oklahoma would pull the trigger, and although that commit came later than expected, one thing is for sure: Brad Wilcox knew pretty much all along where he would end up.

"BYU has a great football program and I've always wanted to go there," said Wilcox. "BYU was the college that I've always wanted to attend even before I was being looked at to play there."

During the beginning of the year, Wilcox measured in at about 6 feet 7 inches and 240 pounds. Since then he's added some weight and strength to go along with his size.

"I'm still 6'7"," Wilcox said. "I'm now at 270 pounds. My squat is 510 pounds and my bench is 285 right now."

Having lived in Oklahoma and Washington, Wilcox wasn't always a BYU fan. However, BYU grew to be the school that he favored over all others.

"No, I didn't grow up a BYU fan," Wilcox said. "But I wanted to serve my mission, and me going to BYU would allow me to do that. They were always open to that while everyone else that was recruiting me or that I talked to weren't sure about it, but BYU was always fine with it."

While visiting and being recruited by various schools, Wilcox noticed a difference between them and BYU. Those differences only confirmed within his mind that BYU was the place for him.

"BYU's coaches were a lot nicer and talked to me a lot more than the other schools looking at me," Wilcox said. "They offered me soon after first taking a look at me and were the first to offer me. Since then the coaches have been great. It's just different. A couple of times when I would go up to Iowa State or other schools … they would be dipping or swearing. The feeling and the language were different. It was always just a different environment than at BYU. Going up [to BYU], you can tell it was just a different place [while] walking around. It's a place of comfort and everyone there is really cool."

BYU, Oregon State and Iowa State were the schools that offered Wilcox a scholarship. In addition, he was also recruited by Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Washington, New Mexico, Boise State and Kansas State.

"Boise State, Kansas State and New Mexico were looking really hard," said Wilcox.

BYU fans will have to wait a while to see Wilcox suit up for the Cougars.

"I want to serve a mission right after high school," Wilcox said. "I want to leave right on my mission because I'll be 19 in June."

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