Heimuli Finishes Strong

BYU commit Anthony Heimuli finished off strong for Mountain View High School, and he is now preparing for college ball. Heimuli's senior season was a bit of a mixed bag, as he improved upon a lot of aspects of his game but still would like to improve upon some others as he prepares himself to be a key feature in the Cougar backfield in the coming years.

Anthony Heimuli is a 5-foot-11-inch, 225-pound fullback prospect from Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah. He committed to sign a letter of intent with BYU this past summer, and it's a commitment he holds to as he approaches signing day.

"I love BYU," said Heimuli. "I love everything about BYU and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else."

As Heimuli has seen increased success on the field of play, other schools have come calling, and although those schools hold some passing interest for Heimuli, it's BYU where he'll sign and play football.

Heimuli was a bit of a late bloomer athletically and hit his stride this past offseason when he shedded some weight and increased his overall agility, strength and speed. Top flight schools such as LSU have noticed and have given Heimuli some calls over the past few months.

"They just called telling me how they wanted me to come down and see their school and if I was interested," said Heimuli about the phone calls from LSU coaches. "I told them I was committed to BYU, but dang, maybe I shouldn't have committed early [so I could then] get a trip. That would have been cool and all, but BYU is the place I want to be."

Since the season started, Heimuli has received weekly phone calls from the Cougar coaching staff, which he appreciates greatly.

"I get calls from either Coach Reynolds or Coach Doman," related Heimuli. "Coach Doman is actually going to come visit me [Wednesday] night. I love those guys. They're just really great guys and they get me excited when talking about the program."

One thing that did not excite Heimuli about BYU's program was watching them play against Utah a few weeks back, when six turnovers led to a lopsided outcome with his future team on the losing end.

"Man, that was hard to watch, really hard," said Heimuli. "I could tell that our guys were just as good, but they just turned it over too much. I hated watching that game so much, but hopefully we can change those sort of games when I get to BYU."

Since making notable improvements in his overall game, Heimuli is at his peak athletically at this current time. As mentioned, Heimuli feels lighter, more agile and much more capable on the football field. He readily notes some weaknesses in his game that he'll be working on before he arrives at BYU.

"I'm cramping up too much during games and I need to fix that," said Heimuli. "It's very frustrating and something I need to get over because it will hurt me big-time when I try to get playing time at BYU. I need to drink more fluids during the game or something, but we're going to figure that out hopefully."

As he preps for his impending college career at BYU, Heimuli has definite mission plans, but isn't exactly sure when that mission will take place. What he does know is that he'll play at least one year before leaving on a mission.

Cousin Heimuli

Anthony Heimuli is first cousins with top prep in-state recruit Latu Heimuli, who is receiving a lot of attention from national programs here of late. Latu has recently been offered by Florida, which seeks his services at defensive tackle.

"Yeah, he's tripping out there to Florida next weekend I think," said Anthony about Latu. "He likes it there, but isn't sure if he wants to play that far from home. We do have some relatives there though and we'll see how he likes it."

Anthony mentioned that he speaks with his cousin Latu just about every day, and they surely talk about BYU on occasion. While Latu hasn't been all that forthcoming about his potential interest in BYU, Anthony mentioned to TBS that Latu is very interested in BYU and likes the program.

"He likes the coaches and he always talks good about the program to me," related Anthony. "I hope he comes to BYU. I'm going to try my hardest to get him there, but we'll see. I know that he likes BYU a lot and hopefully he decides to sign here. It would be great to play with him and go to the same school."

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