Aguirre Gaining Interest

Lee Aguirre from Fullerton Junior College is receiving a lot of attention from Division I programs here of late. Aguirre dominated the junior college ranks - recording 17 interceptions over the past two seasons - thus helping him serve notice to potential recruiters. BYU is among those recruiters that have shown a lot of interest in Aguirre and could be close to offering him.

Most junior college recruits receive most of their attention all at once in early December as the college season wraps up. Such is the case with Fullerton Junior College's Lee Aguirre, who has a lot of coaches calling him these days.

"I'm hearing from a lot of schools," said Lee Aguirre. "It's great to get the attention, as I really want to play football at the next level."

Aguirre is a 5-foot-10-inch, 185-pound cornerback prospect who runs a 4.51 forty. According to his head coach Tim Byrnes, Aguirre is a shut-down corner who can hit with the best of them in run support and would have Pac-10 schools all over him if he was two inches or so taller.

Aguirre describes himself as someone who has a very good feel for the game and can identify patterns very quickly and capitalize on that.

"We play a lot of zone and man in our program, and no matter what coverage we're doing I think I'm very good at identifying what the offense is doing, which helps me jump a lot of patterns and pick off a lot of passes," explained Aguirre. "I'm also tough for my size and like to hit guys. I'm a very good tackler."

So far Aguirre holds offers from Akron, Idaho State and Hawaii. He is set to trip to Hawaii Friday, and is anxious to bask in the sun while checking out Hawaii's campus and football program.

"I'm real excited to go out there," said Aguirre. "They're my favorite school right now until I get other offers, and then we'll see which one looks best, but I really like Hawaii and I'm excited to get to know the program better this weekend."

Aguirre has a trip to BYU planned for the following weekend. He'll be there with six other cornerbacks that the Cougar coaching staff will be hosting and evaluating. Aguirre is excited about the interest BYU coaches have shown him and is hopeful that they'll offer him on the heels of next weekend's trip.

"I really like what I've heard about BYU," said Aguirre. "The standards they have is something that will be good for me as I get my degree and play football. I've heard a lot about BYU from some of the alumni and they all tell me that I'd be a good fit in their program."

Aguirre was first contacted by BYU - specifically by assistant coach Steve Kaufusi - about two weeks ago. Kaufusi educated Aguirre a little bit about the program and what they're looking for.

"Coach Kaufusi told me that they're looking for immediate help at cornerback and that they think I could help them," mentioned Aguirre. "Now they just want me to look at the program up close and see if it's the right place for me and if I'm right for them."

Aguirre's options aren't limited to just Akron, Hawaii and BYU, however. Wyoming and New Mexico are among some other schools looking at him. New Mexico had an in-home visit scheduled with Aguirre and his family Thursday night, something that the young cornerback prospect was excited about.

"I don't know much about New Mexico, but I'll learn all about them tonight I'm sure," said Aguirre earlier on Thursday. "Right now I'm just trying to learn about each school as much as I can and wait for all my offers to come in and then decide."

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