Brock Stratton Update

Brock Stratton has returned from his LDS mission to Denver, Colorado and has begun the process of selecting a new school. Will he be back at BYU?

Stratton has already set an official visit to Texas Tech on Monday, and despite the efforts of the BYU coaching staff, plans to make several visits before he makes up his mind on where he plans to attend college.  We don't expect the BYU staff to wait long for Stratton, as scholarships are already at a premium and Stratton's intentions have been a difficult read for Gary Crowton's staff.  Despite BYU's willingness to give him a scholarship in the Fall, it appears that Stratton and his family are determined to find someone with a midyear scholarship.  It's an unfortunate situation for both sides.  BYU did offer Brock a trip to campus early next week but he declined to cancel his trip to Texas Tech.  Bottom line:  Don't expect to see Stratton wear BYU blue.  More details coming soon.

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