Aguirre Basks in the Hawaiian Sun

Lee Aguirre from Fullerton Junior College just got back from the islands, where he met with University of Hawaii coaches, met the people, walked on the beach and overall had a great time. TBS caught up with Aguirre to learn of his trip to Hawaii and his other plans as he gets set to trip to BYU this coming weekend.

"It was a lot of fun," said Lee Aguirre about his trip to Hawaii. "Everything: the people, the food, the beach, the sun, I loved it all. It was a definitely a fun trip and I would really love to play for Hawaii and go to school there."

Aguirre is a 5-foot-10-inch, 185-pound cornerback recruit from Fullerton Junior College. Aguirre led his team in interceptions the last two years while playing cornerback, and is being looked at by several Division I schools, including Hawaii. Aguirre is eligible to transfer midyear, so he'll be making his decision very soon, but he has a lot of visits to make before making that decision.

Hawaii was the first of his trips and Aguirre came back liking pretty much everything he did in Hawaii and everyone he met.

"I felt like a celebrity there," said Aguirre. "I remember just walking on the beach and people coming up to me asking who I was. I told them and they knew about me and that I was visiting. It was crazy."

Aguirre also attended Hawaii's game against Cincinnati while on his trip and was excited to learn his friends and family could see him on TV.

"Yeah, they called me all excited after seeing me on the sidelines," said Aguirre. "That was cool."

Although he enjoyed everything from the school and coaches to the environment, Aguirre left Hawaii without giving a verbal commit. He said he wants to visit every school first and then decide. Next up is BYU, which he'll be visiting this weekend.

"I know BYU is going to be a lot different that Hawaii," acknowledged Aguirre. "It's going to be cold and the environment is going to be a lot different, but that's why you go on trips: to learn about the schools and what you like best. So, I won't decide until I visit BYU and maybe some other places."

Aguirre still does not have an official offer from BYU, but understands why, as Cougar coaches have explained to him about the honor code and the unique standards BYU holds its players and students to.

"I know all about it, but they just want to meet with me face to face to see if I'm a good fit before offering," said Aguirre. "That's fine and I really think I'm a good fit from what has been explained to me. I can live the honor code for sure."

Aguirre has received a lot of late attention from New Mexico, but with their coaching changes, Aguirre really doesn't see anything materializing there.

"They called me and visited me last week and really showed a lot of interest, but I just don't see how I'm going to visit there before I have to decide," said Aguirre. "So right now it's basically between BYU and Hawaii unless something else happens."

Other Visitors

BYU is currently hosting at least two junior college linebackers in Aaron Gress from College of the Sequoias and Jordan Atkinson from Diablo Valley Community College. Atkinson is a 6-foot-3-inch, 235-pound linebacker prospect that was named as a Second-Team All-American by Scout.

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