Gress Gets to Know BYU

Aaron Gress recently returned from his visit to BYU, where he learned more about the program, met the team and coaches, and found out what exactly makes BYU a unique place. In addition to BYU, Gress has offers from the likes of Marshall and Illinois. TBS caught up with Gress to learn about his most recent visit and which schools he's leaning toward transferring to.

Aaron Gress is a 6-foot-1-inch, 225-pound linebacker recruit from College of the Sequoias. He was an all-conference selection after playing one of the two outside linebacker positions in his team's defense.

"I had a good year," said Gress. "Fortunately some schools have noticed and I have some good options to look at."

Gress first took a close look at Marshall, which has offered him a full scholarship.

"I really, really like the coaches at Marshall," said Gress. "They have some coaches there with NFL experience and we spent a lot of time in the film room learning what they do defensively and how they'd use me, so I really liked that."

Gress next stopped off at BYU, which recently started contacting the midyear transfer candidate about two weeks after the end of the season. Coach Mark Weber was the first to make contact with Gress, who at the time knew very little about BYU.

"I've always known that BYU is a great program and that they go to bowls, but that's about it," said Gress. "I knew they were a quality program, so yeah, I was very interested in what BYU has to offer."

Gress set up a visit to Provo, where he toured the campus, attended a basketball game, met coaches and team members and ate a lot.

"It seems that all we did was eat, which was great," said Gress about his activities at BYU. "It was good food to be sure, but I also got to meet the team, academic advisors, head coach Bronco Mendenhall and everything else."

Gress, who isn't LDS, was educated about BYU's unique standards inherent within the honor code. As he learned about the honor code and what it entails, Gress was fine with it.

"It's good and something I could definitely live by," said Gress about the honor code. "Most schools don't have things like that, but yeah, I could do it for sure. I'm not a big partier or anything like that."

Gress was shown the campus and the program by cornerback Brandon Howard and punter C.J. Santiago. He was able to see BYU up close and was impressed with how close the team was and how friendly everyone was on campus.

"It's a great campus," said Gress. "Everyone was really friendly and it was a good feeling being there. I also liked how well the team got along and how close they were. I'd definitely like to be a part of that."

While Gress played outside linebacker at College of the Sequoias, he's certainly familiar with other positions and may be switched to inside linebacker if he were to transfer to BYU.

"I played safety in high school, so I'm versatile and I'm really good at covering guys, which BYU coaches says is important to do that in their system," said Gress. "They mentioned that they'll need immediate help at outside linebacker and at Buck linebacker next year, so we talked about those positions."

Gress will be visiting Illinois this coming weekend and is anxious to see what they have to offer. While he's heard from other schools such as Kentucky here of late, Gress mentioned that he'll decide between BYU, Marshall and Illinois.

"I'm keeping my mind open right now," explained Gress. "I don't have a favorite and after my Illinois visit I'll see what's best for me. I have to decide soon, but I want to make sure I make the right decision."

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