Aguirre Visits BYU

Lee Aguirre from Fullerton College visited BYU this weekend to learn more about the school as he decides which school to transfer to midyear. He liked what BYU had to offer and has now narrowed down his decision to two schools. TBS caught up with Aguirre to learn about his visit and when he'll be deciding where to play football and attend school.

Lee Aguirre is a 5-foot-10-inch, 185-pound cornerback prospect from Fullerton College. He has offers from both BYU and Hawaii and plans on making his final decision between those two schools this coming Wednesday after talking it over with his family.

"It's going to be a tough decision," aid Aguirre. "I like both schools a lot and they both have different things to offer."

This past weekend Aguirre learned more regarding what BYU has to offer. He arrived in Provo and immediately met the team and coaches and took a full tour of the campus.

"BYU has a really nice campus and a good feel to it," said Aguirre. "I liked being there and I liked that people knew me and seemed interested in me as a person."

Aguirre liked the atmosphere surrounding BYU's team and coaching staff. On his visit he met with both head coach Bronco Mendenhall and his would-be position coach Jaime Hill.

"I met with Coach Mendenhall in his office and he just said that I'd have the opportunity to play right away, which I really like," said Aguirre. "We mostly talked about other stuff other than football though, which I liked."

Coach Mendenhall explained the football program's five points of emphasis to Aguirre.

"Faith, family, academics, friends and football in that order," recited Aguirre verbatim. "I like that about BYU. There's more to being in college than football, and I like that."

Aguirre then met with Coach Hill.

"He just went over the position and where they saw me playing and helping the team," said Aguirre about his meeting with Coach Hill. "He was a great guy and really knows his stuff, you could tell that about him. I can play right away at a great program like BYU and I really like that about BYU."

Aguirre was able to spend a lot of time with the football team and especially with punter C.J. Santiago and defensive back Andrew Rich. Aguirre got along great with both players as they further educated him about BYU.

"I went bowling with Andrew and it was a blast," said Aguirre. "While we were there, people knew who Andrew was and would ask him about the team and then they'd ask me if I was on the team. I'd tell them I wasn't, but was considering it. They then asked who I was and I told them and they knew all about me. That was cool."

Aguirre also went to the BYU basketball game against Portland and took part in some other activities, which he really enjoyed. Coming home from his visit, Aguirre feels he has a clear picture of what BYU is and isn't, and he likes what BYU has to offer.

"I knew BYU would be different than Hawaii and it was, but in a good way, not in a bad way," explained Aguirre. "Hawaii is a great school and has some great things to offer, but so is BYU, but they're different and I'll have to decide which school is best for me."

Aguirre listed the climate, uniforms and the fact that he's always wanted to play for Hawaii as benefits of going to play for the Warriors.

For BYU, Aguirre likes the atmosphere, facilities and the fact that he can become a better person while at BYU.

"The facilities blew me away," said Aguirre. "BYU is a place where I could really become a better person while playing for a great football program. I'm leaning one way, but I'm not letting it known until I think about it more and talk it over with my family and all that. Both schools are different, but they both have strengths and weaknesses that I'll have to decide between. I'll decide on Wednesday most likely."

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