Perkins Likes BYU

LaDarius Perkins from Greenville, Mississippi committed to Auburn this past June, but after some changes to that program he is looking at other places and has defined his commit to Auburn as "soft." The candidates for Perkins' services include local schools such as LSU, Southern Miss and Mississippi State, as well as BYU, which would appear as a surprising candidate considering Perkins' locale.

"I like BYU, I like them a lot," said LaDarius Perkins. "I've learned a lot about them and I'd like to learn more, but I like what type of program they are [and] how they do things. I'm very interested in tripping to BYU and learning more about the school because I definitely don't know everything."

Perkins is a 5 foot 9 inch, 185-pound athlete that basically did everything for his high school this past year. He played running back, quarterback, slot receiver, defensive back and even punter for his school.

"I can do it all and did a little bit of everything last season," explained Perkins. "I'm very versatile and can play well at a lot of positions."

Perkins loves football and describes himself as a football junkie who can't get out of the weight room.

"I'm a very hard worker and live in the weight room," said Perkins. "I can bench 335 and squat 495. I love everything about football and love making myself as strong and as fast as possible."

Of course speed is what Perkins brings to the table and is why he was met with an early offer from the likes of Auburn.

"I was timed running a 4.37 forty at an Auburn camp and I really see the field well," said Perkins. "I'm very good in the open field, I'm elusive, but I'm also tough. I can take a hit for sure and can break tackles. I have very good vision of the field and I have great instincts."

Perkins has offers from Auburn, Southern Miss and Mississippi State, among other top programs. Perkins has been hearing a lot from LSU here lately and is hoping for an offer from them.

Perkins first came into contact with BYU coaches just before Christmas break when he spoke primarily with coaches Paul Tidwell and Patrick Higgins.

"They want me to play running back and that's exactly what I want to play most," said Perkins. "They throw the ball a lot to their running backs at BYU and I love that. I love being used to catch the ball as well as running the ball. I like BYU's offense and how they use their running backs."

Perkins also likes the prospect of playing right away out of high school.

"BYU plays in a bit of a weaker conference, so I know I could play right away there," said Perkins. "I know I could help them right away this year. Like I said, I like BYU and I like how they play. I think I could fit in very well with what they do on offense."

Of course Perkins, who isn't LDS, doesn't fit the profile of what BYU usually recruits. However, he has been educated on what the honor code is and is fine with it.

"I don't know everything, like I said, but I know all about the honor code and I'm fine with it. That's how I live anyway, so I'm good," said Perkins. "I think I could fit in well at BYU."

Perkins also cited another reason why BYU is attractive to him, a reason that took this reporter a little bit by surprise.

"I love snow," said Perkins. "I love playing in the snow. I haven't had a lot of opportunity being in snow since it obviously doesn't snow a lot here, but I love it, I really love playing in the snow."

Perkins is working on making his official visit to BYU and will know for sure on Thursday if he'll be able to make that trip.

"I hope it works out because I really want to see BYU in person and then decide if it's the right place for me," said Perkins. "Hopefully things work out."

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