Filiaga Gains Better Understanding of BYU

L.T. Filiaga was very well briefed about BYU and what it had to offer before taking his official trip this weekend. On his visit, however, Filiaga found out a bit more regarding the program and its benefits. TBS caught up with Filiaga to learn more about his visit to BYU and his plans leading up to signing day.

"It was great," said L.T. Filiaga when asked about his trip to BYU. "It was my first trip and man, it was honestly just a great time and it really taught me more about BYU and who they are and what they have to offer."

Filiaga is a 6-foot-2-inch, 235-pound linebacker recruit from Bingham High School in South Jordan, Utah. Due to proximity and other factors, Filiaga had already been well briefed on BYU, but found during his visit that he didn't know everything.

"Just being around the team more and sitting down and talking to coaches opened my eyes a bit more," said Filiaga. "I love BYU and they're one of my top schools, but yeah, after visiting them on my official trip I like them even more."

Filiaga, like most recruits, was able to meet with head coach Bronco Mendenhall Sunday morning after most of the festivities were finished.

"Coach Mendenhall just emphasized that BYU was different than any other school," related Filiaga. "That was the thing that stuck out most to me. He said that on my other visits I'd find schools that offered this and that that I may like or dislike, but that there was no other school anywhere that offered everything that would be offered me while at BYU."

Filiaga is LDS, and with BYU being what it is, Filiaga is well aware of the benefits that can come with attending BYU.

"I've always liked BYU and respected the program a lot," said Filiaga. "But it's great to sit down with coaches and players and learn even more. BYU is a great place and certainly could be the place where I decide to sign."

Filiaga participated in the snowmobiling, eating of all the great food and everything else that goes along with a BYU official visit, but according to Filiaga it was the Saturday morning breakfast that was the highlight of his trip.

"During breakfast we heard President Samuelson and Bronco both talk to us," said Filiaga. "And it was just great feeling of their spirit and hearing more about the opportunities we'd have while at BYU. Like I said, I thought I knew everything, but yeah, BYU has a lot to offer me as a person who is LDS or anyone with similar standards."

"I can't think of anything specific that I learned that was really new other than just the new perspectives I got sitting down individually with coaches and players," continued Filiaga. "I really like the time they spent with me teaching me everything I wanted to know."

Filiaga's official host on the trip was defensive tackle Russell Tialavea, whom Filiaga got to know very well during his trip.

"I knew who Russell was, but didn't really know him before the trip," said Filiaga. "He's a lot like me. Sort of quiet, good LDS kid, and we really got along well."

One of the bigger draws for Filiaga is the amount of his current and former teammates attending or planning on attending BYU. From Jordan Pendleton to Iona Pritchard and Remington Peck, Filiaga will have lots of former teammates and friends to attend class with while participating in the football program at BYU, should he choose to do so.

"Obviously that's one of the main things I like about BYU," said Filiaga regarding all his friends in the program. "Man, you go on the trip and you already know a lot of people there, which I like a lot. I know that Iona just got his mission call and others too, and when I go on my mission we'll get back and finish out together, so yeah, I like that a lot."

Filiaga did not commit while on his trip, but plans on making his decision after he is done visiting the other schools he plans on taking trips to.

"I visit Utah next week and Washington the weekend after that," said Filiaga. "Since BYU was my first trip, I want to compare the other schools to BYU with what they have to offer."

Filiaga stated he may wait until signing day to make his final decision.

"It's a big decision for me, one that I'll think about carefully and talk about with my family, and then I'll decide," Filiaga said. "Right now I like BYU a lot and could definitely see myself playing there, but I also like Utah, Washington and some other schools, but those are my main three right now. I'll probably decide between those three schools and I'm excited to take my other trips, but yeah, I like BYU even more now than I did before I took my trip there."

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