The Final Word from Brian Soi

Ahhhh… BYU fans, you can finally relax. After losing Haloti Ngata and Victor Felipe, the Cougars finally got the franchise defensive tackle they've been looking for from the high school ranks. Believe us when we say Soi is as good as it gets. After all the hoopla surrounding his somewhat sudden verbal yesterday, he called us last night to detail what happened in the last 48 hours when it appeared the dreaded Ducks had the lead…

Brentt Eads: You told me on Monday that Oregon led… where you serious or blowing smoke earlier this week?
Brian Soi: I really didn't know on Monday that I'd commit to BYU so soon. When I talked to you Oregon did lead, but I always had BYU up there. That afternoon, I was at the library and the BYU coaches met with my parents. They felt really good about it, mostly my Mom who didn't want me to leave the state. We've done a lot of praying and fasting and it felt right. I also feel very comfortable with the players, guys like Mania Brown and Jake Kuresa, really good guys. Then Dallas said he wanted to go to BYU and it made it all seem like that was the way to go.

BE: What about your statement that you loved Oregon and would like to be with all the Polynesians, including Haloti Ngata?
BS: A key factor is I want to go somewhere where I can play right away and at Oregon, though I like Haloti a lot, I'd have to be behind him and some other guys coming in.

BE: BYU fans have to shudder at how Haloti said he was committed, but bailed on signing day. Any chance you'll pull a Haloti?
BS: Nah, all my teachers and the media are asking that. I've already called the other schools, ASU, USC, Oregon, and told them. Most have been supportive. Haloti never told Oregon to stop recruiting him.

BE: What's the story on your qualifying status?
BS: One reason I committed right now is so I can get everything off my back and concentrate on academics. I've gotten a 16 on the ACT and need an 18, but I'm going to the Sylvan Learning Center which guarantees you'll add three points to your score.

BE: What are your thoughts on the BYU coaches?
BS: They've always been good to me and I like them a lot. BYU was the first to offer me, after my freshman year, and always kept in touch. That meant a lot to me.

BE: Are you planning on serving a mission?
BS: At this time, probably not. I just want to play ball. Dallas will do a mission right out of high school though.

BE: Tell me about your friendship with Dallas…
BS: Dallas has been a good friend every since I moved from Hawaii my freshman year. By the way, I would have gone to (perennial powerhouse) St. Louis if I had stayed there. Dallas has taught me the game, he and my defensive line coach Louis Wong.

BE: Your uncle, Tui Filiaga, is an assistant strength coach at BYU. He must have also been fired up when he heard you were committing…
BS: Yea, he had tears in his eyes. I'm going to enjoy continuing training with him. He's so happy, he wants to be my strength coach; he's been working me out since I was a freshman. His son, Isley, is a player to watch: he's an awesome noseguard and fullback and has already heard from Nebraska and UCLA. He's 6-0, 280 and ran a 4.9 at the Nike Camp (in L.A.) and did 41 reps (185 pounds) on the bench.

BE: What's a typical workout like for you?
BS: I'm working more on my agility and speed. I don't really bench max. I do 1,000 pushups a day, 500 in the morning and 500 in the evening. Mostly sets of 50, the most I'll do is 100.

BE: Is that how you got those impressive guns (biceps)?
BS: Nah, they're nothing now. Wait til you see me when I really start working out!

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