Mathews Reports on Trip

Mitch Mathews has been committed to BYU for a long time now and capped off his commit with a recent official trip, which will be followed by him signing with BYU in a few weeks. Upon returning from his visit to BYU, Mathews is all the more anxious to join the football program and attend school there. TBS caught up with Mathews to learn more of his visit and with how his senior season went.

"I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to stay there and get going, you know?" said Mitch Mathews when asked about how his official trip went. "I love BYU and I've known for a while that I want to go there to play football and attend school, and now I want to be there even more if that's possible."

Mathews is a 6-foot-5-inch, 195-pound receiver prospect from Southridge High School in Beaverton, Oregon. He will follow his older brother Marcus Mathews by signing a letter of intent with BYU.

Much as with other recruits, Mathews reported on how much fun he had snowmobiling and whatnot during his visit, but according to Mathews it was listening to head coach Bronco Mendenhall, BYU President Cecil Samuelson and the current players that may have been the highlight.

"They're great men and listening to them, especially during the meeting on Sunday, made me realize again the big reason why I'm going to BYU," related Mathews. "It's just the best place for me and the place where I can grow the most, as well as the place I fit in best at being LDS and all."

Mathews didn't know many of his fellow commits or many of the current players at BYU, but that certainly changed while he was on his trip.

"I met everyone," said Mathews. "I've never met so many great people in such a short amount of time and I loved that. The players who I was with the most were B.J. Peterson, who was my official host, and Andrew Rich, who was Trevor Bateman's official host. Both B.J. and Andrew are roommates, so we spent a ton of time with them, pretty much every second with them, which was great."

Mathews became fast friends with fellow commit Trevor Bateman, who will be playing cornerback while at BYU.

"Trevor is great and he's a very underrated player I think," said Mathews about his future teammate. "He's extremely athletic and he's going to do real good here while he's at BYU. He's a great guy and someone I'll definitely hang out with while I'm at BYU."

Mathews roomed with long-time commit Craig Bills, who he also became fast friends with.

"I know all about Bills and how mean he is and how he just kills guys on the football field, but you wouldn't know it when talking to him," said Mathews. "He's seriously one of the nicest and most humble guys I've ever met. I really liked him and I know he's a great player too."

Mathews also spent some time getting to know some of the top uncommitted players such as Manti Te'o and Xavier Su'afilo.

"Oh, they had a great time," said Mathews. "You could tell they really enjoyed being there at BYU. I mean, they already know just about everyone there already. They easily knew more guys there than I did, so I'm sort of surprised they haven't committed already, but yeah, I think both of those guys could sign with BYU."

Mathews found out that good friend and top recruit Jake Heaps would be on the trip as well, which was exciting to him.

"I know Jake pretty well," said Mathew. "I've been to his house a few times and we're good friends, so it was great having him there. I really think there is a good chance BYU is going to get him, and that's exactly the guy I want throwing me passes at BYU. He's awesome."

Mathews was told by coaches, and specifically by assistant coach Barry Lamb, not to come in expecting to redshirt his first year, but to be ready to play and to contribute right away. Contribute is something Mathews wasn't able to do as much as he would have liked this past year for his high school team, as he broke his leg just five plays into the season.

"That was tough for me," said Mathews about his injury. "Fortunately I was able to get back right before the playoffs and I was able to help my team take state. My coaches just sort of eased me back into it so I was fully ready come the state playoffs."

Mathews only played five full games, but in those games he recorded 26 catches for 475 yards and seven touchdowns. He said he was proud of how he finished his senior season and says he feels fully recovered from his broken leg.

"Yeah, it's fine," said Mathews about his leg. "I'm not going to play basketball this year or anything like that though to keep it healthy and to be as ready as I possibly can be by the time I get to BYU."

Mathews plans to compete immediately for an outside receiving slot and will do so alongside his brother Marcus, who will be returning from his mission in July.

"I don't know how ready Marcus will be since he'll be home only a month before fall practice, but we'll see," said Mathews. "He'll probably redshirt, but I couldn't be more excited about being at BYU and playing for such a great team with my older brother. We've wanted this for a while, and now that it's so close it's really exciting. I really can't wait to get down there again and to get going."

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