Gaisie Gets Educated on BYU

Dominique Gaisie went on his official visit to BYU with a little knowledge about the school and the football program, but left fully briefed on what BYU is and how he'll fit in with both the football team and the school in general should he choose to become a Cougar. TBS caught up with Gaisie to learn about his trip and who else is looking at him as he looks to make his final decision.

"BYU was great," said Dominique Gaisie. "I really felt comfortable there and really liked the people I met. Man, Mormons are nice people, almost too nice, but yeah, I liked being there a lot. I could definitely see myself at BYU."

Dominique Gaisie is a 5-foot-9.5-inch, 175-pound cornerback prospect from Mount San Antonio Junior College. Gaisie has scholarship offers from New Mexico State, Sacramento State and now BYU . This past season he recorded 72 tackles, four interceptions and a punt returned for a touchdown.

"I had a good year," said Gaisie. "What I try to do as a player and what I feel I'm good at is just being an inspirational player and to pump guys up and never get down. I sort of pride myself on that, I guess. I'm just a positive guy and I'm always trying to pump my teammates up."

Gaisie also reports a 4.49 forty time, among other assets that have led to him being looked at by Division I football programs.

Gaisie's play caught the eye of BYU coaches and they quickly contacted him following the football season. He has received in-home visits already and got to know most of the coaches on the staff well, but it wasn't until his official visit that Gaisie really got to know what BYU is.

"It was more than I expected," said Gaisie. "The facilities, the atmosphere, just everything about BYU was more than I expected. I don't know what I was expecting going out there, but wow, BYU is really a great place and a place I could definitely see me playing at."

Gaisie's official host while on his trip was Cougar wideout O'Neill Chambers, who, like Gaisie, is a minority non-LDS athlete. Gaisie was thankful for Chambers teaching him more about BYU and how such athletes can fit in well at a predominantly Mormon school.

"O'Neill was great," said Gaisie. "He told me how he had offers from big schools down south and that everyone told him that he was crazy for wanting to come to BYU, but he just let me know how there are things more important than partying and all that. He said he signed with BYU because he thought he could focus most on education rather than partying all the time, and I liked that. Education is important to me and I think I could really focus on that while at BYU."

Gaisie also spent a lot of time with Andrew Rich as well as the BYU coaching staff, particularly head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"Coach Mendenhall is someone I have a lot of respect for," said Gaisie. "I talked to him a lot while on my visit and we really went over the honor code and stuff like that, and he was really concerned if I felt, after having everything explained to me, [whether] I could fit in at BYU with all their standards and everything."

So does Gaisie feel that he could fit in at BYU?

"Absolutely," answered Gaisie. "I had a great feeling while I was there and I felt that I fit in there despite not being Mormon and everything. I'm a good boy that doesn't party, so living the honor code is something I could definitely do."

Gaisie has been in contact with Washington here of late and is currently trying to firm up an official visit there that he'll most likely take during the final weekend of this month.

"I want to go up there and compare them to BYU and then decide," said Gaisie. "Washington hasn't offered me a scholarship yet, but I'm hopeful that they will because I want to have options, but I really like BYU. BYU is the place I want to go right now, but I like Washington and I want to know more about them. We'll see how it goes."

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