Notes From the Hardwood

The Cougars are in bit of a funk lately, and things don't get any easier with the San Diego State Aztecs set to square off against BYU on Saturday. Coach Dave Rose recently talked to the media about the Aztecs, and also addressed what areas his team has been underperforming in.

- Rose said San Diego State is an experienced team with big, physical, athletic players, adding that "they're a lot physically stronger this year. They've got so many fifth-year guys with Kyle Spain and [Ryan] Amoroso and Lorenzo Wade. Those are all guys that have had a redshirt year in there."

- Rose also said he's impressed with how the Aztecs control the pace of the game. They are a really good defensive team, he said, and they share the ball well offensively. They are balanced and involve all their players.

- Thursday's practice was a light one. The team watched a lot of film, and the coaches showed the players things they are doing well and things they need to do better.

- Rose was quick to point out that the team has played very well at times, but that lately the team hasn't been playing at that high level for a full 40 minutes. "We're playing just really inconsistent, and we have some really good moments in the last two games where we played really well, but then there's moments where we're not playing like we need to."

- The team's struggles offensively are a combination of being guarded well and the team not playing well together. After having a strong first half against UNLV with 10 points, Lee Cummard went scoreless in the second half. Rose said that both Cummard and his teammates are responsible for him not getting the ball more, and added that Cummard is getting a lot of attention from other teams.

- Another issue with the offense according to Rose is that the post players are getting the ball too far from the basket. He said that at times they have been able to play through the post by posting up Cummard or Jonathan Tavernari, but that they need to get that from their centers as well, and that the centers need to be posting up deep in the paint. He said that every team needs this element to be successful.

- When asked how comfortable he was with Tavernari's shot selection, Rose said that there are a lot of games when they are all really comfortable with it, and there are other times when he and his teammates become stagnant and try to create things for themselves instead of working to create opportunities for teammates.

- Archie Rose recently sustained a hand injury, and will be further evaluated Saturday. Whether or not he will be available to play against the Aztecs will depend on that evaluation.

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