Logan Set to Visit BYU

Foothill Junior College cornerback Brian Logan will be visiting BYU this weekend. After committing to San Diego State, Logan found himself without an offer due to the coaching change there. With the coaching change coming so late in the recruiting process, Logan was wondering if he missed his Division I opportunity. TBS caught up with Logan to learn more about his story.

"I'm very thankful to BYU for giving me a look and tripping me out there this weekend," said Brian Logan. "Things have been rough for me since San Diego State pulled my offer, so it's great to now have the opportunity to sign and play for a much better program than San Diego State."

Logan is a 5-foot-8-inch, 190-pound cornerback prospect from Foothill Junior College who reports a 4.40 forty time. Logan had early interest from a lot of schools, but turned them away as he considered himself strongly committed to San Diego State.

"I'd get calls from schools like Washington State, Oregon State and some other programs, but I'd tell them not to bother since I was committed to San Diego State," related Logan. "So when coaches there dropped my offer, I couldn't believe it and thought I'd lost my chance."

The reasons San Diego State gave for dropping their offer during their recent coaching change are sketchy at best and unacceptable to Logan.

"They were telling me that they heard of some character issues that gave them some concern," said Logan. "I seriously couldn't believe I was hearing that. They said they heard about me having a bad attitude and starting things on the field, and I can only remember one penalty I've ever received for a personal foul, and that was when I celebrated a bit too much with some teammates. But wow, I couldn't believe what I was hearing."

For Logan's head coach Doug Boyett, it's Logan's character that sets him apart as a great Division I prospect.

"He's one of our team captains," said Boyett. "He's a team captain because he's someone I trust and I know him to be a young man of great character. He's also very explosive on the football field. He knows football and he'll make a great player for whatever team offers him the chance."

Logan considers himself sort of an offensive player while on the field playing defense.

"I'll do whatever it takes to get my hands on the football," said Logan. "I want the ball in my hands and will do everything to make that happen. When I do get the ball in my hands, whether it be on an interception or returning kicks, I'll make like that is the last opportunity I'll ever have to make a play and take it to the house for a score. That's my mentality."

Logan first received word from BYU coaches about three weeks ago when defensive coordinator Jaime Hill contacted him and immediately set up a visit to Logan's home with his parents.

"He's honest," said Logan about Coach Hill. "Being what I've been through I appreciate that, believe me. He went over everything, and I mean everything, was very upfront with me and told me exactly what BYU was, what they expected and what I needed to show them to get an offer."

Logan doesn't have an offer as of yet, but is hopeful to receive that offer as BYU further evaluates him on his trip.

Upon learning that BYU had interest in him, Logan didn't know much about BYU but did know some things.

"I know BYU wins championships," said Logan. "They're usually ranked and they've won their conference two of the last three years and they're on TV sometimes. I also knew they were a Mormon school."

Since receiving interest from BYU, Logan has really set out to learn more about the LDS church and about BYU in general. Having heard derogatory things from some people he associates with, Logan was determined to learn for himself.

"I've been reading about the Mormon church a ton, actually," said Logan. "I'm a very strong Christian who doesn't smoke, party or much of anything, and that is what BYU wants. So yeah, I really feel that I'll fit in well at BYU. I just want to play football and get my degree, nothing else matters to me. I don't care about partying and all that other stuff. I care about playing good football and getting a degree, that's it."

Logan has some offers from some Division II schools and recently visited Utah State, which offered him a scholarship, but he's honing in on the opportunity that may be presented to him by BYU this weekend.

"Things always work out for the best," said Logan. "I believe that. I was devastated when San Diego State dropped my offer, but now I have the opportunity hopefully to go to a much better program. You look at San Diego State and they lose most of their games. You then have BYU who beats San Diego State every year, wins championships and all that and yeah, I'd much rather be part of BYU's program, so hey, it may all work out much better for me."

Should Logan get offered by BYU and then choose to sign with the Cougars, he'll very much look forward to showing San Diego State what they missed.

"Oh yeah, I'll be waiting for that chance," said Logan about the opportunity to play against the school that spurned him. "Hopefully I can get to BYU and show San Diego State what they missed while helping BYU beat them like they always do. I'd love to have that chance."

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