Edmunds is True Blue

Mike Edmunds from Bingham High School informed Cougar coaches on Thursday that he'd accept the preferred walk-on slot they offered him early this week. For Edmunds, it is the beginning of a lifelong dream he's had to play for BYU. Considering his allegiances, the BYU offer was too much to pass up.

"Ever since I can remember I've wanted to play football for BYU," said Mike Edmunds. "Now to have that chance is all I could really ask for. I love BYU, always have, and to have this opportunity is everything I've ever wanted."

Edmunds is a 6-foot-4.5-inch, 205-pound receiver prospect that starred for in-state powerhouse Bingham High School. He had scholarship offers from such schools as Weber State and Southern Utah, but when the BYU offer of a preferred walk-on came about, it proved to be too good for Edmunds to pass up.

"Coach Doman and Tidwell gave me the offer on Monday, but I wasn't totally sure I'd take it until yesterday," said Edmunds. "There were some things I wanted to learn more about before taking up the offer."

Those questions were answered via a phone conversation Edmunds had with Cougar assistant Brandon Doman on Thursday.

"He answered my questions and concerns I had, so that was the reason I committed then," related Edmunds. "I heard what I wanted to hear and that was all I needed, so I committed to Coach Doman right there on the phone."

What Edmunds heard about and what he'll have the opportunity to enjoy at BYU is a guaranteed spot on the team. Edmunds will be part of the roster and will enjoy every benefit a scholarship player would have, except for having his school paid for.

Edmunds, who is LDS, has definite mission plans and will likely leave immediately for his mission out of high school, although that hasn't been finalized as of yet.

Upon returning from his mission Edmunds could fulfill a variety of roles for the football team, although all those roles certainly have Edmunds catching the football, which is what he does best.

"I'm 205 right now and I have a big frame, so coaches are telling me that I could very well move inside," said Edmunds. "If I fill out like I think I can with my frame, I could definitely play some tight end or inside receiver, which is great since BYU loves to use their inside receivers a lot."

Edmunds is very mindful that BYU's current starting tight end began his career at BYU much in the same way Edmunds will as a preferred walk-on.

"Dennis Pitta was a walk-on, but earned himself a scholarship," said Edmunds." I realize that and there are a lot more than just Pitta. I know BYU is the type of program where walk-ons have a great chance to contribute, play and even earn scholarships later on, so yeah, that was something I thought about a lot when making my decision."

Having played for Bingham High School, Edmunds obviously has a bunch of social ties to the BYU program. It is at BYU that he will join former and current teammates such as Iona Pritchard, Jordan Pendleton and Remington Peck, among others.

"I know Iona real well and we're very good friends, so it's going to be great to play with him again," said Edmunds. "Rem [Remington Peck] and I go way back to when we were kids. I've always been very good friends with Rem. We've done everything together and we've played together on teams since we were both very young, so it's great to go on to BYU and have the same opportunity."

Although Edmunds has always had the desire to be a Cougar, it wasn't until the first Junior Day he attended at BYU one year ago that the desire really began to take hold of him.

"Just touring the facilities, listening to coaches and players and just being around it that first Junior Day really let me know for myself that BYU was the only place I wanted to be," said Edmunds. "I remember leaving BYU that day just knowing I wanted to play here no matter what."

Edmunds now has that opportunity, and he couldn't be more grateful.

"I have so much respect for head coach Bronco Mendenhall and for the other coaches," said Edmunds. "I love the program and I've never imagined myself playing for anyone else. The tradition and the quality of the school, the academics and the football program makes BYU the perfect place for me. I couldn't be more happy about the opportunity I now have."

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