Logan is a Committed Cougar

Brian Logan went to BYU with his mind pretty much made up that he would commit to BYU if offered. After visiting the school, meeting the players and coaches, and doing everything else involved in an official trip to BYU, Logan's resolve to join the Cougar football program was only made stronger. He received his offer and committed on the spot to the Cougar coaches.

"I knew what I wanted before I left, and that was an offer," said Brian Logan regarding his mindset before embarking on his official trip to BYU. "I knew enough about BYU to know that I'd commit the second they offered, and fortunately they did and I'm going to be a Cougar and I couldn't be more excited about that."

Brian Logan is a 5-foot-8-inch, 190-pound cornerback recruit from Foothill Junior College in California. Logan was committed to San Diego State, thus turning away many potential recruiters. However, a coaching change left Logan without many options, if any at all, until BYU and some other programs came calling late.

"Like I said before, things just tend to work their way out if you don't give up," said Logan about his opportunity to play for BYU. "I believe I'm in a much better situation now with BYU than I would have been with San Diego State. It worked out well for me."

Logan will join a Cougar football program that has some of the best fan support in the country, which became very apparent to him during his visit.

"That might have been the best thing about my trip," said Logan. "Just seeing how into the team the people in Provo are was something that I really liked. They really support their team and that's a great thing."

Logan saw that support in earnest while attending a home basketball game, but it may have been the show of support Logan felt from individual fans that won him over most.

"I've gotten some emails from fans," said Logan. "When I checked into my hotel I couldn't believe that people working at the hotel knew who I was. It's just great being in a college town like BYU where people know who you are and where people support you and cheer for you. I really liked that. I'm from the Bay area and you have so many teams to cheer for that they don't get the support for one team like BYU does. I mean, BYU is the thing in Provo and I like that."

Logan was hosted primarily by Jan Jorgensen, Andrew Rich and Brandon Howard, each of whom showed Logan around the school and the football facilities while answering any and every question he had for them.

"We went to the film room and I sat with Andrew and we watched my highlight reel," said Logan. "It was great seeing his reaction. He got really pumped up seeing me play and what I could do on the field and he explained to me how what I did would work perfectly with what he does as a safety and all that. It was a lot of fun."

Logan was also impressed with the time Brandon Howard took to make him feel comfortable even while knowing that they'd be competing for the same starting spot at field cornerback.

"A lot of guys wouldn't give you the time of day knowing that you'd be competing for the same spot, but that wasn't the case with Brandon," related Logan. "He couldn't have been more helpful. He really spent a lot of time with me explaining what it's like at BYU, things I needed to know, and wow, he was just extremely helpful and I really appreciated it."

Logan went on to take the snowmobiling excursion that accompanies every official recruiting trip and had a blast.

"I was a bit scared of Cougars being up in the mountains," said Logan. "I've never been in mountains like that, so yeah, I was scared of Cougars coming out and attacking me and the guys really teased me about it. They were great and thought it was funny, but after a while I got really comfortable up there and had a great time. That was awesome. I've never been able to do that before."

Logan met with head coach Bronco Mendenhall for the first time on Sunday and was struck with how personable the Cougar head coach was.

"Words can't express how much I admire Coach Mendenhall," said Logan. "I couldn't believe how much he cares about his players. It wasn't him telling me all about the team [or] what the team needed to do, it was about me and how much he cared about me succeeding on and off the football field. I really didn't think many college coaches were like that, but Coach Mendenhall is someone who definitely cares more about the individual than anything else.

"He told me that the success of each and every player in his program is much more important than winning games or anything else, and that it was his job to help ensure that success and I really liked that a lot," continued Logan. "We obviously talked about the team and I know that winning is obviously a very important thing, but his thing is the success of his players individually, and that's how it should be."

Logan has three years to play two, but doesn't intend on using his redshirt option while at BYU.

"I want to play and help out right away," expressed Logan. "I'll redshirt if they want and if they think it's best, but no, I want to play right away and I think I can really help them next year. It's just such an incredible honor for me to be at BYU and play for such a quality program and quality person as Coach Mendenhall. I couldn't be more happy about the opportunities I have right now."

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