BYU Offers Utah Lineman

After hauling in another outstanding recruiting class, the Cougar coaching staff has extended a full-ride scholarship to a 6-foot-4-inch, 285-pound Utah prospect that could play either offensive or defensive line at the college level.

On Tuesday BYU coaches offered a scholarship to Brighton High School lineman Ricky Heimuli, a member of the 2010 recruiting class. Ricky could join his older cousin Anthony Heimuli - who was present when the offer was extended - in blue and white if he so chooses.

"I was there and in the office with him," said Anthony, a future BYU fullback. He was offered today and he didn't commit. I was mad. I just told him, ‘What is there to think about, really?'"

The two cousins were accompanied by many other members of the Heimuli family. After the meeting with Coach Mendenhall, both Anthony and Ricky talked about the experience.

"Oh man, you know it was awesome because he noticed the difference," said Anthony about his cousin. "He also got offered by Utah, and he noticed the difference he had in the meetings between Utah and BYU. It was really a good experience to be there and see the kind of reaction that he had. He was surprised because when he went to Utah they offered him, and the feeling was more about football, but when he came here to BYU the feeling was different. The meeting wasn't just about football. Again, it goes back to what kind of character and the type of people they want there, and I think he saw the difference in what BYU is all about."

Due to his size, Ricky has the potential to play on either side of the ball. Currently, Coach Weber and Coach Kaufusi are vying for the services of the next up-and-coming Heimuli.

"Coach Weber and Coach Kaufusi both want him to play for them," said Anthony with a laugh. "One wants him for the o-line and one wants him for the d-line. If he plays on the o-line they want him at center, and if he plays on the d-line they want him at d-end."

Although many attempts were made, Total Blue Sports wasn't able to reach Ricky Heimuli for comment. We will try again soon to get his thoughts on his recent scholarship offer from Coach Mendenhall and the Cougar staff. We want to congratulate Ricky Heimuli on his scholarship offer from the coaching staff of Brigham Young University.

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