BYU in Stout's Top Three

Talent-rich Southern California is home to one of the nation's top linebackers, who happens to be LDS. Total Blue Sports caught up with Oaks Christian star Zac Stout to get his thoughts on his recent offers and to find out if BYU made his top three.

The challenge by the coaching staff to fill eight linebacker spots on a two-deep rotating roster is daunting enough as it is. But in addition to looking for players that can excel on the field, the coaches must also find players that can fit within BYU's unique program. Linebacker Zac Stout appears to be one such athlete that Cougar coaches think fits the bill.

"I'm just lifting a lot and have been practicing a little," Stout said. "Mostly just been lifting a lot and everything is going good. I've increased my weight a lot and bench 340 right now. I can squat around 400 pounds and I weigh 220. I'm going to get heavier though."

Stout brings some versatility to the linebacker position.

"I play whatever Coach Mathews wants me to play," Stout said. "If someone goes down I usually will play Sam or outside linebacker, but I play Mike or inside linebacker as my main position. I like to play outside linebacker, but I like playing them both."

As far as the recruiting front goes, Stout has a number of options.

"Things are going really good," Stout said. "I would say BYU is in my top three right now. Washington [and] Arizona has offered me and I think Oregon State offered me along with BYU. UCLA is about to offer me and I sent out my film to some schools back east that are looking at me now."

As a member of the LDS faith, Stout likes what BYU has to offer.

"BYU is in my top three because of my religion," said Stout. "Everywhere I go everyone is telling me to go there. When I go to church everyone there tells me to go there, you know. Everyone's like, ‘Go to BYU, go to BYU.' I also plan on serving a mission, so that's another reason why. Coach Mendenhall is just a really great guy and it just seems like it would be a great place for me to be. It's just a place of good influence."

Stout has already been to BYU's campus multiple times, including a visit this past year.

"When I was there I got the chance to tour the place," said Stout. "I had been out there before that and it was really nice. I didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time with Dennis [Pitta] when I was there because he had to go do an interview after the game and I had to leave, but we did get a chance to talk for a bit before he had to go. I've known Dennis since I was kid. We didn't really hang out or anything like that because he was a little older than I was, but I used to go watch him play during his games back when he played wide receiver in high school. My dad knows his dad really well."

Speaking of Zac's father Gary, he has let his son know exactly where he would like him to play college football, and that is at BYU.

"My dad really wants me to go there," said Stout with a slight laugh in his voice. "He likes BYU a lot."

Last season, true freshman linebackers Daniel Sorensen, Michael Alisa and Iona Pritchard saw playing time. There is a good chance that if Zac Stout decided to come and play at BYU, he could be the next true freshman to see early playing time.

"What's huge for me right now is the fact that Coach Lamb said that I would probably have a chance to start as a true freshman," said Stout. "I think that would be great and a lot of fun, but there are other reasons why BYU is one of my top schools also. They prioritize important things and do firesides and all those kinds of things."

With many places to choose from, Stout doesn't anticipate putting off his decision for much longer.

"Yeah, it's definitely coming up pretty soon," said Stout. "I'll probably make a decision and then go there for a year and then go on my mission."

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