Q & A with Luke Staley

We caught up with BYU's Doak Walker Award Winner over the Christmas break. In our Q & A he discusses his life in the NFL and his thoughts on BYU's last season...

Luke Staley sets a BYU record for touchdowns in a season

Luke Staley accomplished great things at BYU. He won the Doak Walker Award, was an All-American first team selection, led the nation in scoring with 17 points per game, and shattered BYU's previous season records in total points and touchdowns.

CSL:  What are your plans for January 2003?
LS: I am moving back to Salt Lake to go to school at BYU. I need to get some more credits toward graduation.

CSL: What about the NFL compared to college? LS: It's definitley a lot different than playing in college, more of a business feel to it.  Not to mention that Detroit is a lot different than Provo.

CSL: Has anything interesting happened to you there?
LS: Well, we got a couple bullets shot in our house. Apparently the people living behind us are drug dealers.  One night they got in a gunfight and we got some of their bullets shot into our house. That doesn't happen in Provo too much. Detroit can be a rough city even though we live in a pretty nice area.

CSL: What does your future with the Lions look like?
LS: It is kind of hard to say right now, it all depends on the future of the Detroit Lions. There may be some off-season changes in the coaching staff.  But I would say my future here is good and I hope that the coaches stay. 

CSL: How are your injuries doing?
LS: They are 100%, I'm feeling great. I have no injuries right now.  Rehabilitation is over and I am looking forward to making a name for myself here.

CSL: What are some of your goals for your NFL career?
LS:I just want to stay healthy on the field. I want to contribute somehow to the team and make a difference. I can offer them the same things I showed at BYU, and I want to develop my skills in the NFL in every aspect of what a running back should do.

CSL: If you had to single out one highlight from your BYU career, what would it be?
LS: Definitley the touchdown I scored against Utah, the go ahead touchdown.

CSL: What are some of your thoughts on BYU's last season?
LS: They had a season that wasn't typical of BYU. I think they saw a lack of leadership there. But I am sure they will bounce back strong.

CSL: How did Coach Crowton's offense prepare you for the NFL?
LS: I think Coach Crowton's offense can prepare anybody for the NFL because it offers a little bit of every offense you can think of.  He throws as much at you as possible and runs a lot of different things.

CSL: How good can the Lions be next season?
LS: In the NFL it's a funny thing, because a team can turn it around in one year. One year you can be down and one year you can be up. It's just a matter of putting the right people together, hopefully we can do that here for next year.  Our team showed some promising things at times this season.

CSL: What are your upcoming anniversary plans?
LS: We wanted to go to Hawaii for a while, but since we will be in Utah we will probably just make a trip to Las Vegas.

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