Cougars Recruiting Utah LB

During the recruiting period, Coach Doman has been actively involved with recruiting some of the top local talent in the state of Utah for the class of 2010. Although he coaches on the offensive side of the ball, Doman has been instrumental in recruiting a linebacker considered the Northwest's top prospect by Scout.

Alta head coach Less Hamilton, who has won two recent state championships, has a very good prospect on the defensive side of the ball. Due to his quickness, Toloa'i Ho Ching was a dominant force on the Hawks' defense, and due to his strength as a junior last season he was a force to be reckoned with.

"I'm 6 foot and one-half right now and I weigh 220 pounds," said Ho Ching. "We just maxed out and my max is 325 for bench and 450 for squat. I actually run and lift everyday. My dad has this lifting program where I run five miles every day and attend SPARQ just so I can reach my goals next year."

Toloa'i works out at SPARQ with some familiar former Miner football players Cougars fans are fully aware of.

"I work out with all the Bingham boys like Iona Pritchard, Talai Livai and all them," Ho Ching said. "I go to SPARQ with all of them. I think I'm related to the Pritchard family, so I always go over to their house and hang out with all of the boys. I run and lift with all of them. I'm really close to all of them. Iona is like my big brother. He always watches out for me and helps me with my technique. His younger brother Baker is going to be a monster. He's already 6'3", 250 pounds. He's already got his mind set on outside linebacker and defensive end. He's already playing outside linebacker."

Ho Ching helped lead his team to a come-from-behind win against Bingham High School in the regular season and, despite injury, was a rallying force in the state championship. The stats for the top linebacker prospect in the Northwest speak for themselves.

"I ended the season with 16-and-a-half sacks and led all of 5-A and was second in state," said Ho Ching. "I had 82 tackles by the end of the season despite sitting out two games due to blowouts. My most memorable experience last year I would have to say was the championship game. Even though getting hurt, I was still able to be a part of the team atmosphere and cheer the team on when I couldn't be out on the field. It hit me hard where I actually felt like I was out there on the field with the team at the end of the game."

As a junior, Ho Ching was selected as one of the top defensive players in Utah for the 5-A Division.

"I was selected as a First-Team All-State [member]," Ho Ching said. "I also made All-Region."

Due to his accomplishments Ho Ching is currently being recruited by colleges both in and out of the state of Utah, and BYU is among those schools.

"In regards to BYU, I would actually be honored to be a part of that university," said Ho Ching. "I've had uncles that have played for BYU, and you know how uncles are when they want you to be just like them. I'm related to Gabriel Reed and Spencer Reed and all them.

Gabe Reed was a successful tight end at BYU and eventually moved on to play in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. Spencer Reed, a former linebacker at BYU, is now a part-owner of the Provo location for L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, a popular Polynesian restaurant.

"Gabriel and Spencer Reed are my uncles and they've all been pushing me to go to BYU," Ho Ching said with a slight laugh in his voice. "I think it would be great to go to BYU. I wouldn't mind at all to be a part of that program. The one thing I like about BYU [is that] the first day that I walked in there, Coach Mendenhall told us that everyone that wanted to be a part of that program wanted to be there for many reasons. They wanted to be there to be a part of the tradition and spirit of what the program brings to the table.

"When you go to BYU you get more out of it than just football or on-the-field accolades. I've spoken to many of the players there and many of them have served missions, been to the temple, are married and have the kind of life you want to end up with when your college experience is over with. That is something I really like about BYU and [that] sets them apart from everyone else. That's why I'm excited about the next Junior Day."

According to Ho Ching, Coach Doman - whom he's established a good relationship with - has talked about the possibility of him receiving a scholarship offer.

"[Coach Doman's] a really nice guy and really pretty funny," said Ho Ching with a chuckle. "He's also straightforward and he seems like the kind of guy who is there for you both on and off the field [and is] interested in helping you and BYU's program move forward. He's a great guy. Coach Doman has said that he doesn't see any other program other than BYU and there is an offer in my future, so I'm pretty excited and just [need to] keep working hard. He said he doesn't know when, but that there is an offer in my future."

The possibility that BYU might extend an offer to him in the near future is great news for the Alta High School linebacker.

"Yeah, I'm really excited about that," said Ho Ching. "As a high school football player, to hear the words of there being an offer in your future is very exciting. You just get excited for the day when it comes."

Ho Ching's family members are excited about the interest that BYU is showing him.

"Yeah, I've told [my uncles] and they're pushing me towards BYU and hoping that they offer me," Ho Ching said. "My mom and dad are excited for me but the want me to more importantly focus on my senior year. My parents have a rule for me that if I don't get straight A's then I don't get to play, so right now the most important thing for them is I graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Nowadays, there are a lot of kids that are born with a lot of talent but don't get it done in the classroom, and you have to have both in order to see the football field at the college level. You have to have the work ethic on the football field and in the classroom."

There are programs other than BYU taking a long, hard look at what Ho Ching brings to both the classroom and the football field.

"Well, [UCLA offensive coordinator] Norm Chow emails us, and I've talked with Coach Sears of Washington State," Ho Ching said. "I've also spoken to Kalani [Sitaki] of Utah and he said I was their number-one prospect for this year, so I'm excited. I also have Stanford looking at me and [so are] Harvard, Princeton, UCLA and Cal."

Ho Ching told Total Blue Sports about the criteria he is looking for in a college.

"I've talked with my dad and we've narrowed it down to four things," explained Ho Ching. "What I'm looking for in a college is what kind of opportunity I will have to compete. The second thing is the graduation rate for the football players in the program. The third thing is the defensive scheme and how I would fit into it. The fourth and final thing is what kind of a program the university has for my major. I want to major in business and I would like to go somewhere that has a good business program."

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