Nevada Linebacker Receiving Interest

The BYU coaching staff is in search for the next group of linebackers to man the middle of Coach Mendenhall's 3-4-4 defense. A focus in this next year's class will be inside linebacker, as recruiting coordinator Paul Tidwell mentioned during the signing day press conference, and one prospect may have been located at Silverado High School in Nevada.

Shedding blocks and having a nose for the ball, all while being able to stuff the run, are necessities for middle linebackers. BYU's defense is in need for upcoming middle linebackers to fill such roles in the near future, and 6-foot-3-inch, 230-pound middle linebacker Kyle Anderson could possibly fit the bill.

"I'm being recruited by a lot of different schools like Cal, Utah, Hawaii, BYU, Oregon State, UNLV and UCLA," said Anderson. "It kind of came about through the recruitment of a teammate of mine named Keenan Graham, who signed with UCLA. During the process of watching his film they noticed me and wondered who I was.

"All of those schools have visited me. [Coaches] have come to my school and Oregon State was the first one to come out. UCLA was the first hand-written letter that I received. They just say they're interested and want me to come out to their summer camp. They want me to keep in touch and they give me their cards that have their names and email addresses. They say they're interested and ask me if I'm interested. They haven't said if they are going to offer me or not but they say they're interested and want me to attend their camps."

Although he plays defensive end in certain circumstances, Anderson's primary position is playing middle linebacker, where he is able to use his size to go along with his athleticism. According to Anderson, it's this quality that has coaches interested in him.

"The first thing they see is how big I am," Anderson said. "They don't see as many 6'3", 230-pound linebackers out there that are as quick, shifty and fast as me I guess. I guess it kind of catches their eye because that's what they're kind of looking for. I think coaches see my running ability and my pass defense ability. I think they look at that too. My squat max is currently 405 pounds and my power clean max is 300. My bench max is 305 pounds."

Anderson, who estimated that he had three sacks and about 70 solo tackles last year, is becoming more aware of how the recruiting process works at BYU.

"They have kind of an interesting recruiting process, but I like it," said Anderson. "It kind of lets them know who really is interested and who isn't. I think they know that I'm really interested in BYU. I think I have attended two other camps since I was a freshman, and I've attended a Junior Day at BYU a couple of months ago. I got a chance to see BYU's facilities and it really got me hyped up, and the coaches talked to me about what BYU was all about. I met some of the players and got a chance to ask some of them questions. It was a really good experience. BYU is a good school and I really like the organization and structure of their program."

Currently in the get-to-know-you and evaluation stage, BYU will be taking a closer look at Anderson down the road.

"Recruiting-wise, BYU said they will be coming down in the spring," said Anderson. "Coach Tidwell is the one that is recruiting me and I think he's a really good guy, but that was the last I had heard from them so hopefully it all works out."

The Cougar coaching staff will be able to get an up-close look at Anderson during BYU's summer camp. Oftentimes it is after a prospect's performance at a camp that the coaching staff will offer a scholarship.

"This summer I'm heading out to the BYU contact camp," Anderson said. "My school's football team will be heading out to the UNLV contact camp at the beginning of the summer. I'll probably go to some other camps as well, but I haven't made up my mind yet on which camps I'll go to."

Being LDS and wanting to serve a mission as well as play football at the college level, Anderson readily admits that BYU is his top school.

"BYU is a LDS school, so if you are LDS it's a place that fits more with your lifestyle," said Anderson. "At other schools there is nothing wrong with parties and things like that, but I'm not a party-type person. BYU just stands out because of what it stands for and how it fits with the LDS lifestyle. I'm a pretty big fan of BYU and have pretty much always been that way."

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