Forsythe Favors BYU

Dalton Forsythe from Grapevine High School in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has spent his high school career going up against some of the top talent in the country on a weekly basis. Indeed, Forsythe has been able to test himself against a level of talent that few prep athletes have the opportunity to do and is hopeful that the experience will pay off as he markets himself for the next level.

Dalton Forsythe is a 6-foot-4-inch, 268-pound DL/OL prospect from Grapevine High School. Being part of the Grapevine football program means going up against the likes of Southlake Carroll, Euless Trinity and L.D. Bell, which has been a challenge for Forsythe and Grapevine.

"It was tough last year," said Forsythe. "We didn't win a single game, but I do think we played well at times. It's just when you're playing against such good teams that it's tough to win any games, which is hard, but I did get some very good experience."

Prior to this last season, Forsythe played only defensive end. However, the team needed him last year at left tackle, and so he stepped in and started there in addition to playing defensive tackle.

"I played more offense than defense last year, but I played both quite a bit," said Forsythe. "I was able to go against great players in almost every game. Most of the guys I went up against signed with colleges or at least had offers from colleges."

Receiving scholarship offers is something Forsythe is aiming for, and he's set to attend BYU's summer camp and the All-Poly Camp once again this summer. Forsythe also has plans to attend SMU's summer camp and some Junior Day functions.

"I was just invited to Arkansas' Junior Day here soon and I'm definitely going to that," said Forsythe. "I sent out film to them and some other schools and they responded."

Currently SMU is the school pursuing Forsythe the hardest, and he recently attended a Junior Day function there. Forsythe likes SMU's coaching staff and is thankful for the interest.

"They really like me they said and I could get offered by them here soon," said Forsythe. "I like that SMU is close to home and I really like the program a lot."

Forsythe's number-one choice remains BYU, however, as he grew up a fan of the BYU program. He has been a prominent attendee of BYU's summer camps and coaches are well aware of him.

"They know me," said Forsythe about BYU's coaches. "They've seen me at their summer camps and I've met with Coach Kaufusi when he was out here for the TCU game. I love BYU's coaches and hopefully I'll get an offer from them, as that is what I really want."

Although BYU coaches are aware of Forsythe they may be a bit surprised with him come this summer, as Forsythe has added significant muscle mass to his frame and now has some good quality offensive line experience under his belt.

"I've gained 30 pounds since last summer, which has helped me play offensive line better and even some defensive tackle," said Forsythe. "So hopefully that helps me and coaches will notice how hard I've worked and that the hard work has paid off."

What Forsythe is focusing on now currently is better explosion off the line, as he really wants to play defensive line in college. But, he is certainly open to playing offensive line if that is where Cougar coaches want him.

"I'll play wherever they want me," said Forsythe. "I just really want to go to BYU, I always have. I'm not for sure going to go to BYU if I get other offers, but if BYU offers me it would be very hard to turn them down since they've always been the program I've wanted to play for."

Forsythe is LDS and has definite mission plans, and he said that whatever school he attends will have to respect those plans.

"I'm definitely going on a mission and I know that BYU will work with those plans better than any other school for obvious reasons," mentioned Forsythe. "It's not just the mission though; I'd really like to go to BYU because of the atmosphere there and that it's my church's school."

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