BYU Offers Two-Sport Utah Athlete

The coaching staff of BYU have offered an athlete out of Pleasant Grove a full-ride scholarship to play football. Dallas Lloyd, a 6-foot-2-inch, 200-pound quarterback, wide receiver, safety and guard for his basketball team, met with Coach Mendenhall last week when handed the offer.

Dallas Lloyd, along with his mother, father and younger brother, met with Coach Mendenhall in his office last Monday and was given a surprise.

"I received a full-ride scholarship [offer] last Monday from Coach Mendenhall," said Lloyd. "My parents and my younger brother were with me when we went down there last Monday afternoon. I spoke with Coach Brandon Doman for a little bit and then we went into Coach Mendenhall's office. He basically gave me a piece of paper, which was a letter for me, and asked me to read it. It was just a great experience and was amazing. I didn't commit or anything, not yet, but it was so exciting. It was better than Christmas morning. It was just incredible and something I've been working for since I was a little kid. It's just something I've been dreaming about since I was a little kid. "

Receiving the offer was not just a thrill for Lloyd, but for his parents as well..

"I'm their oldest son and so this was their first time something like this has happened," Lloyd said. "They were just so excited and almost in tears because they were so happy for me. It was really a neat experience."

As a junior quarterback, Lloyd completed 93-of-169 passes for 1,689 yards. He averaged 136.8 passing yards per game and threw 15 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He also rushed for 395 yards, averaging 32.9 yards per game, while scoring five touchdowns on the ground. Playing quarterback at BYU is one option the Cougar coaches have gone over with Lloyd.

"They've talked to me about playing quarterback and feel that I could be successful, but … if that doesn't work out they've talked to me about free safety and at wide receiver," Lloyd said. "I played wide receiver last year in our win again Provo [49-13] and I've played safety as well."

Recruiting athletes with multiple skill sets and finding positions for them on the field is a tactic college coaches have often used when building their programs. In the case of Lloyd, his size and abilities open up multiple possibilities for the Cougar coaching staff should he decide to play at BYU. The talent Lloyd displays as a starting guard for Coach McAllister on Pleasant Grove's basketball team drives home the versatility and athleticism BYU's coaching staff may be looking for on the football field.

Nevertheless, Lloyd plans on turning his attention from basketball to football soon.

"Yeah, I work out in the weight room a lot but I'm losing weight because I play basketball as well," Lloyd said. "Basketball ends this week so I'm hoping to put back on all my weight so I can focus again on football, but right now I play guard for my high school team."

Living just a few miles from the campus, Lloyd has been down to BYU and has checked out what the school and program has to offer.

"I've checked out BYU facilities, the coaches, the school, the players, and everything is just really nice," said Lloyd. "I'm just excited about it and the type of environment at BYU is not like anywhere else because it combines faith with excellence on the football field. It's just an honor. To play at BYU you have to have a lot of heart, honor and be living your life the right way."

But BYU isn't Lloyd's only options at this point in time.

"I just recently just got offered by Wyoming and Stanford," said Lloyd. "I'm going to go on down to Stanford for an [unofficial] visit and check it out in a couple of weeks. Stanford is a good school and I've heard a lot about it. I'm just going to go down there and check it out. They are recruiting me just as a quarterback down there. I've also received some letters from LSU as well. They've just been contacting me through letters at this point. Also, Utah, Tulsa, Washington and Vanderbilt [are recruiting me] too."

Right now Lloyd is keeping his options open and wants to take advantage of the privileges he's worked hard for. In time he'll weigh his options after some heartfelt pondering and then make a decision.

"Right now I'm just keeping my options open but I think the right answer will come to me soon," said Lloyd. "Once that happens, then I'll make a commit. I'm looking for a school that provides a good education, has great coaches and is a prestigious place. BYU definitely has all of those qualities, as well as other things that some colleges don't have."

Pleasant Grove High School teammate Sefa Tanoa'i has also been offered by BYU. Having grown up together, Lloyd and Tanoa'i are very close and are very good friends. The two have grown up playing sports together their whole lives, and the two have even talked about possibly playing together at the next level as well.

"I've spoken to Sefa and he wants me to go to BYU," said Lloyd. "That kid is amazing. I've grown up my whole life playing with Sefa and he's so big and so light on his feet. He's quick for his size and has the softest hands. I like throwing him passes because he makes me look good. He's another really good athlete and we both start on our basketball team as well."

Along with Tanoa'i and Lloyd, fellow Viking running back and outside linebacker Joey Owens has also received a scholarship offer from BYU. Owens has gone one step further, however, and has committed to play for Coach Mendenhall and the Cougar program. Lloyd feels BYU is getting another fantastic athlete that not only brings hard work both on and off the field, but is also someone who is a hardnosed and tough player on the football field.

"There is no one that works as hard at Joey [Owens] does off the field," said Lloyd. "I don't know anyone who works as hard as he does and he is someone that deserves a scholarship offer. I'm really excited for him because he's just a really tough kid. It doesn't matter how hard he gets hit or how many times; he'll always get up. He's just one tough player and is a really good athlete. I would just hate having him come at me because he's so big and strong."

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