Quinn Gooch: Home from Germany

When Tucson powerhouses Amphi and Sabino squared off in October, 1999, Quinn Gooch's diversity and talent impressed legendary Amphi coach Vern Friedli. "That Gooch kid was something," marveled Friedli after the game. "He's special." That night, Quinn helped lift Sabino to a 30-16 victory in one of the biggest games ever played in Tucson.

An injury shortened his senior season, but Quinn still earned all-state honors and was also an academic all-American. Quinn returned last week from Germany, where he has been serving an LDS mission. We caught up with him over the weekend to get an update on what's been happening in his life since high school.

Since most fans don't remember your senior year at Sabino High School, what positions did you play?
My senior year I played running back and strong safety and handled kick returns.

Which was your favorite?
I've always liked the offensive side of the ball best but I know that I might be asked to play defense. I haven't talked to any BYU coaches since I got home from my mission so I don't really have any idea what they are thinking about for me.

How's your knee?
I tore the ACL in my left knee in the seventh game of the season. It has completely healed. I came to summer school at BYU before I left on my mission and I had the chance to work out with the team, so I've run routes and done everything that I should be able to do on it.

What mission did you serve in? What was the experience like?
The mission was great, better then I could have imagined. I served in Leipzig, Germany, which would have been part of the former East Germany. The people were awesome.

What about your older brother, Dave? Is he planning on joining you at BYU?
Dave played QB in high school. At that time our family still lived in Illinois. He's bigger then me, like 6'3". He has played receiver for the last two years at Pima Community College. But this year he also tore his left ACL. He is working out trying to get in shape and is unsure about his future. He's a very good player, so I hope that something works out for him. He may join me at the Y but he's still considering his options.

Since your were both stars during your senior years in Arizona, have you ever met John Beck?
I had the chance to throw with John in Provo after our senior seasons while we were both going to summer school. He is a great player. I talked to him last week, in fact we are going to be living in the same apartment when we get up to Provo. I'm planning on moving up there later this week.

What do you think your greatest asset is as a football player?
I think that my greatest asset would be my field vision. My speed is pretty good, after my junior year I was electronically timed at 4.51.

When you were recruited, what other schools did you seriously consider besides BYU?
I really thought about both Arizona schools, Stanford, Cal, and Oregon. Most of them backed off after the injury except for Arizona and Stanford.

Do you have any impressions of the new coaches yet?
Well, BYU football doesn't get much coverage in Germany. I haven't seen any games with the new staff or spoken with the coaches since I've been home. It's the first thing I want to do when I get to Provo. A lot of people have come up to me since I've been home to tell me that they weren't very good last year. I'm sure that it's going to fun, whether I play offense or defense.

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