Cummard Nearing the End of an Era

Senior Night has crept up yet again, and once again it's time to bid farewell to Cougars playing their last game at the Marriott Center. Archie Rose and Gavin MacGregor will be honored, though MacGregor has indicated he will petition the NCAA for another year of eligibility. And of course, one cannot forget Lee Cummard, who started 14 games as a freshman and has been a fan-favorite ever since.

Both Lee Cummard and Coach Rose spoke this week about their thoughts on Senior Night and on Lee's tremendous BYU career.

Lee Cummard Quotes

-On what sticks out to him regarding memorable moments here: "Uh, there's a few. Nothing too specific, just a lot of success, a lot of good times here at the Marriott Center, and yeah, just a lot of fun."

-When asked if no game sticks out: "No particular game [sticks out]. There's instances that, if I think about it, stick out a little bit. But overall, just celebrating after victories or celebrating [after] winning conference championships, those sort of things come to mind."

-On whether there wasn't even a particular moment he could think of: "There's been too many! I mean, we could be here all day … Probably celebrating - I believe it was [my] sophomore year - when we won [the conference title]. [That's the] first thing that comes to mind when I think about my times here."

-On what his expectations were when coming to BYU: "To come in and hopefully have a great career. I mean, I can't say I haven't accomplished it. I've accomplished almost everything that I sought to accomplish while I was here - obviously give and take a few things - and we've still got a lot of season left to accomplish a few more things."

-On what he wants fans to remember him as: "Just a guy that got after it, played hard, played tough, played physical, liked to compete."

-On whether a shared championship might not feel as sweet as an outright championship: "Well it'll put a ring on my finger, and if that's the case I won't tell anybody we're co- or tri-champs. I'll say, ‘Hey, check out my championship ring."

-Regarding whether it is that much sweeter to have the opportunity to clinch at least a share of the title on Senior Night: "That will be exciting, but [we've] just got to get after it. Air Force hasn't played well - as well as they're capable of – [but] they've got a few guys that are extremely hot right now, and the last thing we want to do is spoil what we've worked so hard for."

-On whether there was a point when it was affirmed to him that coming to BYU was the right decision: "I think that whole sophomore year I just had a great, fun year. I had more of a limited role on the team but I got to play a lot, and that's all that I wanted to do was stay on the court. And to me - we'll see how this year ends up - it's got a lot of the same feel. But [my sophomore year] was a fantastic year and since then it's just kind of gotten better and better."

Coach Rose Quotes

-On his thoughts on Lee's career, with it being Senior Night: "Well I think that if you ask Lee, he'll tell you that he's got a lot more games in him. [Senior Night] will be an emotional time to get through to start the game and the pregame ceremony, but after that it's time to play and we need to be ready for a real battle. This Air Force team played us really well last time we played them."

-When asked if he could reflect on Lee's career at BYU: "I don't really think too far in advance, but there are times when the game's over, I'm sitting in a locker room somewhere looking at the stats and wondering what it would be like to not have Lee on our team."

-On his impressions of Lee when he was recruiting him: "As many times as I watched him, the times we went back as a staff to see him, there was never a doubt from anyone that he could play for us, and sometimes that's not the case when you recruit players. There's a time when you go see a kid play and maybe you might have some reservations one way or another, but with Lee everybody was pretty convinced from the first time they saw him."

-On if he feels a special attachment to Lee since his freshman year was Coach Rose's first year as head coach, and because Lee is the only player he's coached all four years: "Yeah, those are the things that sometimes kinda run through your mind. I wonder what it will be like coaching without Lee, because he's been in every game."

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