Players Impress During Pro Day

On Wednesday BYU held its Pro Day, which allowed graduating seniors and others who decided to move on to perform in front of professional scouts. Most of the current team was their to cheer on their former teammates, as were some other notable faces. TBS was there to take note and report on today's proceedings.

"It felt good to work out at the facilities I've grown used to," said Austin Collie following Wednesday's workout. "I definitely felt more comfortable working out here than I did at the combine, and I think I helped myself out a bit with the workout I did today."

Collie didn't do the bench reps of the 225 bar, but did participate in the scouts' speed and agility tests. He said he felt as if he showed better than he did at the combine in the various position drills they had him run, and he improved his shuttle time. Collie wasn't specific on his forty time, but remarked that he basically ran the same time that he did at the combine.

Other players who worked out in front of scouts were Travis Bright, Ray Feinga, Dallas Reynolds, Wayne Latu, Bryce Mahuika, David Oswald, David Nixon, Michael Reed and Fui Vakapuna.

Reps of the 225 bar

While none of the times recorded during the agility drills are reported by scouts, we were able to note how many reps of the 225 bar each player did:

-Ray Feinga: 29
-Travis Bright: 35
-Fui Vakapuna: 29
-Dallas Reynolds: 20
-Michael Reed: 13
-David Nixon: 24
-David Oswald: 22
-Bryce Mahuika: 22
-Wayne Latu: 17


-Scouts appeared to be very impressed with Fui Vakapuna during his workout. More than one scout spent extra time with him having him run more individual drills than the others in attendance. Vakapuna looked very good in both his agility and strength drills and could very well end up on an NFL roster as a fullback.

-Although Dallas Reynolds didn't perform well with the 225 bar, he did fare very well in the agility and speed drills, which should help his status. Reynolds looked as fit and trim as I've seen him during any time while at BYU.

-Ray Feinga did not participate in any of the agility drills, while Travis Bright again showed surprising athleticism for his size. Bright once again recorded a 35-inch vertical leap, which is incredible for an athlete of his size.

-Linebacker Austen Jorgensen was in attendance. Jorgensen is back in Utah to get his shoulder scoped before rejoining the mission field in the Tampa, Florida mission in a few days. Doctors found no structural damage to his shoulder, and Jorgensen is set to finish his mission sometime in December of this year.

-Recently returned missionary Robbie Buckner was in attendance as well. Buckner returned about three weeks ago from his mission to Mozambique. Buckner said his intent was to get home early enough to enroll and subsequently participate in spring practices, and was a little disappointed that he wasn't quite able to do that. Nevertheless, Buckner is working out hard at Velocity in order to prepare himself for this summer and fall.

-Buckner mentioned that he has some pretty wild stories from his mission to Mozambique, which we'll be sure to ask him about and report on at a later date. Buckner looked trim and stated that the biggest thing he needs to work to get back following his mission is his leg strength.

-McKay Jacobson was in attendance and looked to be in good shape. Almost every player greeted him by his given nickname "Virg" while at the workout.

-Manase Tonga was in attendance, although we did not get a chance to talk to him about his status with rejoining the football program.

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