Williams and Heaps Together At Next Level?

The one-two combination between the nation's top quarterback (and top overall national recruit according to Tom Lemming) Jake Heaps and wide receiver Kasen Williams could continue at the next level. The sophomore receiver currently has seven scholarship offers, including some of the same offers that Heaps had, and the two have said they would like to play together in college.

The 6-foot-2-inch, 195-pound Skyline High School receiver Kasen Williams may be a three-sport athlete (football, basketball and track), but there's no question as to what he is being recruited to do at the next level.

"I'm being recruited to play wide receiver," Williams said. "I had 58 catches for 939 yards with 13 touchdowns last season."

Although Williams is talented in his own right, his quarterback is none other than top recruit Jake Heaps. So what's it like catching passes from the nation's number one quarterback?

"I don't want to say that it makes things easier because I put in a lot work, but at the same time it is a lot easier," said Williams. "I have to work hard on running the right routes and work with the hands and all that because he's always going to make the right reads and make it the easiest catch for you. I have to make sure I'm in the right position when he throws the ball, so what it comes down to is you have to make sure you run the right routes when you have a quarterback like Jake."

"As a person you're not going to find a better kid than Kasen Williams," said Jake Heaps. "He's got great parents and even though he's getting a lot of attention as a wide receiver, he's the kind of kid that always has a smile on his face and doesn't let all that get to him. He's just a great kid that comes from a great family."

When the two aren't connecting for touchdowns, Williams and Heaps also have a personal relationship that extends off the football field.

"Yeah, me and Jake hang out all the time," Williams said. "It's good to have that off-the-field friendship outside of football. If we didn't have that, our on-field connection would be a lot harder. It would be a lot harder to work together, but since we're friends we can just call each other up and go out and throw the ball around together."

"If he's not the number one receiver in his class, I don't know who would be," said Heaps. "I've seen a lot of great players and receivers, and he's got all the tools. He's got the height and all the physical tools to continually get better each and every day. He has so much upside, it's unbelievable. It's been fun because we've been able to do a lot of things that not a lot of people have been able to do. We both read defenses together and have that connection, and that's something that kids at a high school level just don't have as much. I kind of think of Kasen as my younger brother and just love the kid to death and kind of look out after him because I just think the world of him."

The schools that have offered Williams a scholarship to continue catching footballs on the field hail from different conferences.

"The schools that have offered me are Washington, UCLA, Washington State, Stanford, Cal, Boise State, Tennessee and BYU," said Williams. "As of right now I don't really know much about most of these schools because I'm still young, but this summer I plan on taking a lot of unofficial visits to see the campuses and to learn more about a lot of these schools. I'm just kind of chilling right now, but it's a great blessing for me and I'm thankful for every one of them."

BYU is one school that Williams plans on visiting over the summer to gain a better understanding about.

"I don't really know too much about BYU," Williams said. "I know they went to a bowl game this past year. One of my plans this summer is to take an unofficial trip down to BYU to take a closer look at the campus, walk around and talk to people and to talk to and meet the coaches. That's definitely one thing I want to do because they have a really good program and they seem really interested in me. I'm interested in them but I just don't really know that much about them, so I plan on getting to know more about the rest of that information."

One aspect about BYU that Williams will learn more about is the university's honor code. Williams said he doesn't care for the wild life and party atmosphere found among the student body at many colleges.

"My mom is always staying on me about grades and academics, and I've always been limited when it comes to hanging out on weekends and stuff," said Williams. "So those types of things I haven't really dealt with before. I see the [BYU] policy as a positive because it will help me from being distracted and will help me stay focused on school and football."

Williams has also heard good things about BYU from Heaps.

"He told me they have a great coaching staff and that he loves the coaching staff down there at BYU," Williams said. "He also said their facilities are really nice. He also said that everyone down there is really big on football. He said when he went down there everyone pretty much knew who he was in the student section. He basically just said it was a great football atmosphere and that everyone knows about football down there."

Both Williams and Heaps have talked about playing together at the next level. They both have received scholarship offers from BYU, Washington, UCLA, Cal and Tennessee.

"Yeah, we have talked about playing together and that's definitely something me and Jake want to do," said Williams. "I think that would be great to play together at the next level to keep that one-two punch going, but at the same time if he ends up going to a school that I'm not too crazy about, then it may not work out. At the same time, playing with Jake is something I always keep in mind. We both really want to do that, and the chance that we both end up at the same school is pretty high, but then again it's something that may not work. I sure hope it does."

"Me and Kasen want to play together and I hope that happens," Heaps said. "We've done some great things together and if playing together at the college level is ever a possibility, I want nothing more than that. I've told Kasen that I don't want him to be pressured by me and I want him to go to a place that's best for him. Kasen is going to have to do his homework and see what's best for him, but I'm going to hope and try that he comes with me wherever I go."

Some aspects of college that Williams will be looking into during his visits will include the quarterback situation and possible early playing time. He also feels he will have help from some members of his family like his sister at WSU and father Aaron Williams who played college football for the University of Washington.

"As far as football-wise, [I'll look at] what kind of quarterbacks do they have there and if they have a good class of quarterbacks," Williams said. "I would also like to know if I would have a good chance of getting some early playing time. Obviously the weather has got to be in there too because I like the sun. My sister committed to play [soccer] for WSU and so she's been through all of this before. My dad was recruited by UW back in 1978, so he's been through a lot of this too. So I have a lot of family and friends that have some experience in all of this and will have a lot of help in what I should look for in a school."

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