Scouting Report: O'Neill Chambers

O'Neill Chambers takes the front line, replacing Michael Reed as the X receiver in BYU's offense. The Florida native's first few days of spring practice showed why BYU fans may have another special player catching the ball for years to come in the Cougar offense.

The 6-foot-2-inch, 209-pound O'Neill Chambers sprinted out and took up his position on the outside. He waited for the cadence from Max Hall and in an instant burst off the line of scrimmage, dipped, shook in the blink of an eye and caught a pass thrown his way. But wait, it gets better. He then made a move on a cornerback, allowing him to run past the defender towards the end zone without ever getting touched. It was a shake-and-bake move that drew ‘ooohs' and ‘aaahs' from the spectators on the sidelines.

Yet talking to Chambers, one would never have known he did such a thing.

"Today I feel okay," he said. "I feel slow a little bit and it felt a little different. I got into a little groove out there but messed up twice. I just have to listen to the quarterback more and watch the ball more at the snap so I don't make any mistakes."

While getting used to the fast pace of BYU's offense, Chambers is also focusing on the in-game details that will help him become more effective as a wide receiver.

"I'm just working hard on getting my routes down to perfection," Chambers said. "I'm mostly just working on the basics. Normally I'm just working on my speed and strength, but now I just need to work on my basics and I'll be fine."

Despite having been highly recruited out of high school, Chambers isn't living in the years of past glory. He's a realist when it comes to expectations and results, which is more than likely why he's working on bettering his personal performance in the effort to help his team reach its goals.

"I still haven't done anything out here yet," Chambers said. "I'm still trying to do something to help satisfy what didn't happen this past year. Hopefully I'll get the chance and an opportunity to help do something and see how it goes. I'm not satisfied with last year and want to work hard and hope for the best."

Like most on the team, Chambers was involved in the winter workouts that centered around personal conditioning.

"Yeah, I stayed and worked out during the winter workouts and just tried to pace myself," said Chambers. "It was pretty tough at first. I started off slow but was able to pick it up at the end, but it was good and I think it will help me with my speed and strength."

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