Cougar Snapshots: Spring Practice

Total Blue Sports photographer Troy Verde was on hand the first two days of spring practice to capture images of the Cougars. You can check out some of the action in this edition of Cougar Snapshots.

Lining Up

The Cougar defenders rush out onto the field after the hike of the ball to quickly line up in their defensive formations. Here you can see linebacker Grant Nelson leading the way.

Second Group

After the first group completes the drill successfully, the second group quickly follows suit.

Jumping Offsides

Coach Lamb uses a green football attached to a stick and hikes the ball while calling out a cadence. If someone moves or jumps offsides, the entire unit does pushups. He can be tricky at times.

Coach Mendenhall Hikes the Ball

Coach Mendenhall hikes the ball just prior to pursuit drills. Once the ball is hiked, the squad will chase a player that Coach Mendenhall pretends to throw the ball to. Every time the whistle is blown, the entire squad must dive to their bellies and get up as fast as they can to continue the chase.

Max Hall

Senior quarterback Max Hall takes the snap during quarterback drills.

Dennis Pitta

Senior tight end Dennis Pitta catches a pass at the beginning of passing drills.

Matt Putnam

Defensive end Matt Putnam has bulked up to nearly 270 pounds.

Braden Brown

Freshman Braden Brown will bring his 6-foot-6-inch, 260-pound frame to the tight end position for years to come. Brown has had a good first two days of spring camp catching the ball during skeli drills.

An Intense Mendenhall

Coach Mendenhall prepares to snap the ball after the players get lined up in their defensive positions.

Jan Jorgensen

Senior defensive end Jan Jorgensen watches the second-team defense compete in skeli drills against the offense.

Garett Nicholson

Cornerback Garett Nicholson has received praise from fellow teammates for his winter workout performances. He is also performed well during the first two days of spring camp covering BYU's wide receivers.

Terrance Hooks

Terrance Hooks lines up and waits for Coach Mendenhall to snap the ball. The senior linebacker wants to make sure his senior year is an outstanding one.

Shiloah Te'o

Strong safety Shiloah Te'o has had a very good first two days of practice and even intercepted a pass during thud scrimmages on Tuesday.

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