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We hope that you enjoyed the free week of total access to network of sites. Just as a reminder, the special offer of a one-year subscription to ESPN The Magazine and the College Recruiting Yearbooks has been extended for a short time. If you haven't had the chance to look yet, check out what's inside....

Basketball Yearbook 

Hot News
One of the most timely, news-breaking features of our Scout database is our Hot News feature. Hot News consists of quick hitting news updates on a player or coach. You can find the most recent Hot News displayed at the top of each site within our network labeled "Hot News from TheInsiders." In addition, we list a full archive of Hot News and those can be found in the Football and Basketball drop-down menus at the top center of each site. Many sites also have a Scout category in the top drop-down menus.

On any given college team site, a list of prospects can be found under the Football and Basketball menus. If you are looking for the players your favorite team is recruiting, this is the place to start!

Player Detail Pages
Search our database for players or click on hyperlinks at various points in our network, including Hot News, Recruits and Visit Lists, among others, to reach this page. Here is a player's bio and essential personal data, including photo, plus links to every Hot News item ever written about him and links to every feature.

With recruiting at a feverish pitch virtually year-round, the Commits page is often visited. If you want to know what the future holds, the Commits page let's you know who is on their way to your favorite college team. Find this feature from the Football, Basketball or Scout menus, or the tabs at the top of the page when you already are on a Scout feature.

Our sites are all loaded with current rosters of your favorite team, listed in alphabetical order for your convenience and ease of reading. If a player is on your team, he's on our Scout roster.

With our partnership with StatFox we are able to bring you comprehensive stats on your team's upcoming opponent. Complete with up to the minute schedules, offensive and defensive stats, you'll be provided with every pertinent stat available!

Alumni in the Pros
When the best college players leave for the pros the fans don't forget them and neither do we. Our Alumni section breaks down each player in the NFL & NBA from each college! You'll always be able to keep tabs on your favorite college greats now in the pros.

This menu will display weekly visitors who are coming to your favorite college on their official visit. You can jump from week to week to track who is coming and when. Find this feature from the Football, Basketball or Scout menus, or the tabs at the top of the page when you already are on a Scout feature.

Premium Boards

Premium boards are for members only on each particular site. This is the "sacred ground" of each site as no opponents can participate. For the real inside info, this is the place publishers tend to share juicy tidbits with members.


Some sites generate multiple stories daily so they can accumulate quickly. To make it easy to go back and find that story you read weeks or even months ago we have a lightning quick search for your convenience. You can search both a specific site or the entire network to find all stories matching your search terms.

Full Archive
Each team site in our network has a Full Archive of stories that can be found in the Stories menu at the top of the site. The Full Archive includes all stories published on that site.

Premium Archive
Each site also contains a Premium Archive that lists only the premium (member's only) stories that have been published on that particular site. This is an excellent tool for paying member's to go back and reference previous articles.

Favorite College Teams

For your convenience we list all colleges by conference. You can access this menu at the top of each college site and simply hover over the College menu and select Choose Team to see the conference menus. Select your favorite college and you are all set!


Football Scouts
Looking for a recruiting site dedicated to a particular region? We have them all covered as well as a comprehensive national site led by well-respected expert Jamie Newberg. To access any of our recruiting sites, hover over the Recruiting menu at the top of any site and choose any of the sites in the Football Scouts menu.

Basketball Scouts
Much like our college football network, our basketball network is led by a well-respected expert in Dave Telep. To access Dave's national site or any other regional basketball site, select the Basketball Scouts option from the Recruiting menu at the top of any site in our network.

In addition to a listing of the football and basketball scouts, our Experts menu lists additional sites such as our NFL Draft and NBA Draft sites.


Looking for your favorite NFL team? Hover over the NFL menu at the top of any site in our network and there you can select either the AFC Teams menu or the NFC Teams menu. You're only one click away from any NFL team! In addition, we also have other features available such as Hot News around the NFL, team rosters, our NFL Draft site and fantasy football with our partners at Yahoo!


In addition to our NBA Draft site we have complete rosters, standings, statistics and more found under our NBA menu at the top of each site. You can also play fantasy hoops with our partners at Yahoo!

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