KC Bills: Home from Canada

Talented KC Bills ended his church mission in December and has started preparing for his return to the gridiron. BYU.TheInsiders.com caught up with KC on New Year's Day to get an update.

Tell us about your mission.

I served in Edmonton, Canada, which was mostly Alberta and British Columbia. It was an awesome experience. The only thing that I didn't like was how cold it got! Other than that, I loved everything. It really changed my outlook on life and it gave me the chance to grow up a lot.

Isn't Garner Meads (BYU basketball forward) in the same mission?

Garner and I actually had the chance to be companions for the last four months of my mission. He is a great guy and an outstanding missionary. He is looking forward to coming home in February and getting ready for basketball.

How have you changed physically since you came out of high school?

Well, I lost about 20 pounds on my mission. The other day I was 6'1", 212 pounds. I would like to play at around 230. I've started working out hard since I've been back (KC returned on December 19) and my bench is already back to 350.

What position do you think you will play at the Y?

I think that I will probably be a weakside linebacker. I had the chance to watch a tape of the New Mexico game and it looked like a very exciting style of defense to play. I think it will be a lot of fun.

What about your brother Kelly, do you know his plans?

Kelly had a great senior year and actually finished his career with over 6,000 passing yards. He's got some trips set up for January, and of course he would like to end up at BYU but he's got to check out all of his options before he makes a decision.

Did you ever consider transferring while you were on your mission?

No, BYU is where I have always wanted to play and I can't really see anything changing my mind about that.

When will you be returning to Provo?

We're actually going to drive over there later today (January 1). I'm excited to get back with the team, see all the coaches again and start working. It's seems like a long time since I've played and I'm anxious to get back at it.

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