Spring Practice Report: Day Eleven

The team flip-flopped its practice schedule Thursday in reaction to the rainy forecast for Friday. As it turned out, they finished up their previously scheduled Friday scrimmage just in time as the rain came pouring down simultaneously as J.J. DiLuigi crossed the goaline on a scrimmage-ending four-yard touchdown run.

A light steady rain persisted throughout Thursday's scrimmage, which was patterned after a typical Friday practice. Despite that, the team showed some good play on both sides of the ball.

"I think it sounded more physical," noted head coach Bronco Mendenhall about Thursday's scrimmage. "I think the players had more fun today now that we're out of the situational work a little bit. That's why we stepped out of it today, so they could just go back to playing football without some of the extra things to consider."

Thursday's scrimmage saw starting quarterback Max Hall complete 12-of-13 passes for 92 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions, and Brenden Gaskins went 4-for-7 for 34 yards and an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

"He moved the team well and got us down into field goal range," said Mendenhall regarding Gaskins' overall performance. "He showed a lot of poise and composure"

Malosi Te'o saw a lot of work, running the ball five times for 32 yards. He had some impressive runs in which he bounced it outside effectively around the defense.

Mendenhall had some more praise for Te'o, saying that he's been happy with his progress. As mentioned, Te'o was able to break tackles and bounce the ball outside of the defense for some big gains.

Defensively it was Jordan Pendleton that was able to shed some blocks near the goal line to make a couple of tackles and hold the call-carriers to minimal gains, while Andrew Rich, Shiloah Te'o, Matt Ah You and Russell Tialavea each took their turn at making tackles to hold the offense in check.

"Defensively I thought they had a good day," said Mendenhall succinctly about the defense.

Regarding the course of spring practice in general, Mendenhall explained to the media that they've tried several new things but not necessarily at all for the sake of trying them. Mendenhall went on to state that they've learned some things that they'll incorporate into their routine come fall, but for obvious reasons he wouldn't be specific regarding what those things would be.

Practice Notes

-Anthony Heimuli attended practice and was accompanied by fellow Mountain View recruit Taylor Johnson. Johnson will be a senior this coming year and is a 6-foot-5-inch, 285-pound OL/DL prospect.

-There were about 30 students in attendance at practice, taking notes for their football coaching class taught by Mel Olson.

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