Cougars Offer Washington Lineman

BYU's coaching staff has evaluated a Skyline High School lineman and has apparently found him to be a BYU fit in every category. The evaluation resulted in a full-ride scholarship for this particular athlete.

The athlete's name is Jase Butorac. He is a 6-foot-3-inch, 280-pound offensive lineman, and was very excited upon hearing that he has an opportunity to play for the Cougars.

"It was a great day," Butorac said. "It was awesome! It was a dream come true. I've been talking to Coach Weber, the offensive line coach, for a couple of weeks now. I was just talking to him and sent him my highlight tape. He said he really liked it and liked my tape and liked what I do, so I think he sent my mom an email saying ‘We need Jake to call us.' So when I found a break at school I called Coach Weber. He said, ‘Hey we like what you do and we sent you an offer in the mail today [ March 3].' That was pretty cool actually, yeah."

"Right now for our team he plays left tackle," said highly recruited Skyline High School quarterback Jake Heaps. "At the next level he's going to play guard or center. He's a tough, tough kid and just goes to work every single day and just gives it his all. There isn't a single guy in the entire country that I would want blocking my backside other than him, and I mean that with every bit of my heart. He gives his all for me every single play when we're out on the football field."

In addition to being complimentary of Butorac as a football player, Heaps was complimentary of him as a person.

"He's a great kid and awesome to be around," said Heaps. "He comes from a super great family and we're blessed to be surrounded by Jase Butorac's family. It's just awesome to be around these guys.

Upon hearing that he had a scholarship offer in the mail, Butorac was excited, humbled and honored.

"It was a tremendous honor," Butorac said. "I thought it was great that Coach Weber thought so highly of me. I'm honored and thought, ‘Wow, they must really like me.' He said they usually don't offer people that way and usually have them come down [to BYU] and check it out before they offer, so I thought it was really cool. It just made the day great."

"What most people don't know about Jase is although he's going to be a senior this year, he just turned 16," said Heaps. "He just has so much potential and has a lot of growing to do. I'm super excited about him and he's someone that has been blocking for me since the sixth grade, so he and I are very close and we definitely take care of each other. Jase is one of my closest friends and I'm excited about him getting his first scholarship offer. To see how excited he was to get that was just great. That's all I can really say, is he is just really excited about his offer from BYU."

Butorac holds Coach Weber, his primary recruiter, in high esteem.

"Coach Weber is a well-spoken guy," Butorac said. "I just think he's just a great guy. The first time I got a hold of him, he and his wife were making dinner for all the offensive linemen. They were cooking up tri-tip steaks, and that is really cool and I thought how awesome that was. He's just a really good guy and someone you want to play for."

Butorac has been working hard at developing his talents in the hopes that he can play Division I football.

"I bench 280 pounds right now," Butorac continued. "I squat 400 and my power clean is 280 pounds. I've been working really hard and this has been my goal for the past four years, and I really wanted to get an offer and really wanted to play football at the next level. So I've been working extremely hard and by doing that I've become a technician in what I do and feel I have great footwork and stuff like that. I feel my technique is pretty solid and I have passion for the game. I don't want to do anything but play football and that's my dream."

The top quarterback recruit in the country, who also holds a scholarship offer from BYU, seems to concur with his offensive lineman.

"He's a technician and has great technique," said Heaps. "He's what I call a nasty player and isn't going to get pushed around by anybody. One of his first real starts came during the first round of the playoffs. There was a kid from Lakes High School by the name of Kavario Middleton. Kavario is now committed to Washington and was considered to be one of the top tight ends and defensive ends in the entire country. At one point he was ranked as the number-two defensive end in the country. Kavario is 6'6", 270 pounds and lightning fast, but Jase as a sophomore was just barely 15 years old and I had no worries. I knew Jase was going to have my back and knew he could handle anybody. He didn't give up a sack and Kavario didn't get in my face once. He's a tough kid man. He's a tough, tough kid."

So what does the Washington native know about BYU?

"Well, I know it's a different kind of university," Butorac said. "I've heard the speech from Coach Weber and I've heard it from Jake [Heaps]. It's an LDS university so I know there are certain things you can and can't do, but that doesn't bother me at all. I'm here to play football and go to school and not mess around or nothing like that, but Jake tells me things and just the stories I've heard [tell me] that it's a great place. It's more of a family feeling that you get down there and everyone looks out for each other. I've heard great things. It's such a solid program they have down there."

With about 23 scholarship offers on the table, Jake Heaps has been busy doing his homework over the past year or so learning about different universities across the country. If there ever was such a thing, Heaps has basically become an expert in the subject of college scouting, and has sought to pass down what he's learned in an effort to help Butorac and others at his school.

"You know, I just want to help out as many kids that can play at the next level as I can, and with Jase getting his first scholarship offer I want to help him as best I can," said Heaps. "I want to pass down what I've learned down to him, and so I'm passing that down to him. I just hope it helps him with his decision process."

To gain a greater understanding of what BYU has to offer and to learn more of what the university and football program are all about, Butorac plans on heading down to BYU. He plans on learning a lot about the school that has become his most recent favorite college.

"Oh yeah, BYU is my number-one school right now because I got that offer," Butorac said. "It's just a great place and I've heard so much about it. I do plan on coming down on June 5th and I believe they have a Junior Day on that day, so I'm pretty sure I'm coming down on that day and I'm really excited about going on down there to see what it's all about."

"He's really fired up about it," Heaps said about Butorac's impending visit. "He's watched me, Gino [Simone], Kasen [Williams] and all of these other kids get offered at our school, and he's just worked his butt off and I'm just so happy to see him get what he deserves. He's so excited he can't stop smiling. It's a big offer and BYU is known for producing great lineman, and to secure an offer from that program is a very big honor."

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