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Ever wonder how a specific player that doesn't get mentioned in the practice reports is doing? Where does so-and-so stack up and which string is he currently getting most of his reps with? G-man goes through the entire roster, helping to answer these questions in the first installment of the spring's ultimate reference guide.

#1-Jordan Pendleton: 6-2, 228 So. OLB - Pendleton has had exactly the type of practice session that coaches and the entire team needed him to have to help fill the critical strongside linebacker position. His attitude, work ethic and play have been about as good as anyone could have hoped, giving promise to the position this coming season.

Pendleton's athletic upside has never been an issue and now that he's playing where he can thrive most, the prospects are high. He is still relatively young and should be able to lock down the starting strongside linebacker spot for the next three years.

#2-Shiloah Te'o: 5-10, 206 So. DB - Te'o has seen most of his work this spring backing up Andrew Rich at the strong safety position, but has seen time with the first string. He again has shown great natural instincts at the position and should be a shoe-in to at least break the two-deep roster this coming season.

#3-Garrett Nicholson: 5-9, 181 Fr. CB - Nicholson has taken full advantage of his reps this spring after being thrust into a position where he's seeing just about every rep with the first-team defense due to lack of depth at the field corner position. Nicholson is still a bit raw, but has made enough plays to indicate a bright future ahead of him.

#5-Brandon Bradley: 6-0, 200 Jr. CB - Bradley's upside has been touted since the day he arrived on BYU's campus, and he's starting to reach that upside. He has missed the past week of practices due to a minor injury, but you can now list Bradley as being one of those players that doesn't necessarily need a full set of reps in preparation for the season.

Bradley has logged time at both boundary corner, where he's expected to start, and at field corner, and has shown well at both positions. He has the ability to be a shut-down cornerback given his size and speed, and fans should be very high on his prospects come fall.

#5-Parker Mangum: 6-4, 210 Sr. QB - With the quarterback position being so thin, Mangum was moved over to quarterback to help provide depth. He is a good athlete that is obviously very raw at playing quarterback. He's worked hard to progress this spring and has filled a vital role as the third-string quarterback during the practice session.

#6-McKay Jacobson: 5-11, 192 So. WR - One of the bigger disappointments for me this spring has been Jacobson not taking any reps during contact drills. Jacobson surely was one of the more exciting stories for the spring session, but he's been hobbled by a nagging thigh injury that has limited what he can do this spring.

Jacobson is fine and is practicing more than ever this final week of spring. He'll likely be 100 percent by the time fall rolls around and should make a strong bid for a starting spot at the very least. He could very well rise to be Hall's main target at the wideout position. Fans can assume that Jacobson will return to form and play a big role in the offense during the coming season.

#7-Tyler Kozlowski: 5-9, 188 Jr. WR - Kozlowski has done what he's always done in that he's had a solid practice session while seeing reps with both the ones and the twos on offense. Koz won't wow you with his athleticism but he's as dependable as they come, running solid routes and catching everything thrown at him.

#9-Kase Wells: 6-2, 183 Jr. WR - Wells has seen some good reps with the second-team unit and finds his way into my notes during most 11-on-11 sessions by way of making some nice catches. Wells adds good depth to the wideout position.

#10-J.J. DiLuigi: 5-9, 198 So. RB - DiLuigi is seeing most of his reps backing up Harvey Unga on the first-unit offense. He has had a productive spring as he battles with Malosi Te'o for the primary backup role. DiLuigi does everything well and has made his share of plays this spring.

#11-O'Neill Chambers: 6-2, 209 So. WR - Chambers has done very well this spring as a mainstay with the first-team unit. Chambers uses his size effectively and has again shown very good hands by catching just about everything thrown to him. He has performed exactly as you'd expect him to this spring and should play a big role in the offense this coming season.

#12-Stephen Covey: 5-11, 198 So. WR - Covey has adjusted to his new position almost seamlessly. He's proven this spring to be a good route runner with good hands and looks very natural out there at his new wideout position. Covey is seeing most of his reps with the twos, although he's been in with the ones on plenty of occasions. He could become the primary slot receiver for the offense in 2009.

#13-Carter Mees: 5-11, 192 Fr. DB - Mees is developing, having just returned home from his mission, and is seeing most of his reps with the threes on defense.

#15-Max Hall: 6-1, 202 Sr. QB - I've sort of taken Hall's play for granted this spring until I look at his stats following every practice. Hall has finished a lot of practices this spring with almost flawless performances, looking very much like John Beck did during practice in 2006.

Hall is spreading it around more and making very quick progressions, and he should have a monster year in 2009. It's hard to imagine Hall having a more productive spring, as he's looked very good in just about every practice session.

#16-Brendan Gaskins: 6-4, 213 Sr. QB - Gaskins has been running the second-team offense and has seen some good success during some practice sessions. He will play a vital role as Hall's primary backup for this coming season.

#17-Rex Morgan: 5-10, 177 Fr. DB - Morgan has shown well during some practice sessions playing primarily with the second-team defense. He is someone that could be breaking the two-deep roster in the coming years.

#17-Paul Olsen: 5-11, 195 Fr. DB - Olsen is seeing reps with the threes on defense and is adding good depth to the safety position.

#18-Travis Uale: 6-2, 195 So. DB - Uale is seeing just about all of his reps at free safety with the twos on defense and has had some good moments. He has great size for the position and could be someone vying for a starting spot in the coming years.

#19-Matt Marshall: 5-10, 183 So. WR - Marshall has really come on strong as of late, making a lot of plays with the second-team offense. This should come as no surprise, as he was a standout scout team player throughout last season. Marshall adds very good depth to the wide receiver position.

#20-Daniel Hansen: 5-10, 193 So. RB - Hansen is seeing some work with the threes on offense as he adds depth to the position.

#21-Scott Johnson: 5-11, 188 Sr. DB - Johnson has been hobbled with minor injuries here of late, but is expected to start at free safety next season. He has shown well and, along with Andrew Rich, shows great promise as the last line of pass defense.

#21-Neal Watterson: 6-0, 181 Jr. RB - Watterson is adding good depth to the running back position.

#22-Andrew Rich: 6-3, 215 Jr. DB - Rich has seen every rep at strong safety with the first-team defense this spring and, barring an injury, will start there this fall. He is a very imposing force in the middle of the field that thrives on contact and laying out unsuspecting crossing receivers.

Rich, along with Scott Johnson, shows great potential at the safety position for the coming year, as each have game experience and know their positions well.

#23-Landon Jaussi: 6-5, 210 Jr. CB - Yes, Jaussi is now playing cornerback and has done some good things at the position while playing mostly with the second- and third-team defensive units. Jaussi knows how to use his size, though he still struggles with turning his hips effectively in coverage at times. He is very much a project at the position and it's been interesting to watch his development.

#24-Steven Thomas: 5-11, 176 So. CB –T homas has seen most of his reps with the first-team defense even before Bradley went down with his injury. He has been a mainstay at boundary corner and has shown well at times. Thomas is a strong candidate to be on the two-deep roster this fall and has shown good potential at the position.

#25-Steven McFarland: 6-2, 235 So. RB - McFarland could very well have the biggest thighs on the team, as he's shown to be a bull running at the fullback position with the second-team offensive unit.

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