Cougars 26-50

G-man goes over the second quarter of the roster during this second installment of the ultimate reference guide for spring football. This part of the roster is filled mostly with linebackers and running backs that have been competing for spots this spring.

#26 Landon Fowler: 5-11, 184 Fr. DB - Fowler is developing and looking to make his impact as he works his way up the depth chart playing safety.

#26 David Jackson: 6-1, 173 Fr. WR - Jackson hasn't seen all that many reps this spring but looks to make his way up the depth chart in the future.

#27 Blake Morgan: 5-11, 193 Fr. DB - Morgan has seen a lot of work with the first- and second-team defensive unit, and like last year has looked good at times. He definitely has a future and could end up on the two-deep roster in the coming years.

#28 Bryan Kariya: 6-0, 212 So. RB - Kariya has been doing a solid job all spring while seeing most of his reps at fullback as the team awaits word on the arrival of Manase Tonga for the fall. Coaches are preparing for life without Tonga, and that life should include Kariya as well as Braden Brown and some others getting a lot of reps at fullback.

#29 Luke Ashworth: 6-2, 201 Jr. WR - Ashworth has taken full advantage of a spring that has allowed him to see just about every rep playing wide receiver with the ones on offense. He has responded nicely, making at least one big catch during most practice sessions.

Ashworth's athletic makeup rivals that of Austin Collie with regards to size, strength and speed. He obviously lacks a lot of the intangibles that made Collie the best wide receiver ever to play at BYU, but given the athletic upside that Ashworth has, fans should be excited about his potential.

#30 Connell Hess: 6-0, 210 Fr. LB - Hess is playing linebacker and adding good depth to the position as he looks to compete for a spot on the two-deep roster in the coming years.

#30 Malosi Te'o: 5-11, 199 Fr. RB - What is exciting about Te'o is how much progress he's made since his first practice. He is only months removed from his mission, and his progress has been notable as he gets further and further away from his mission service.

Te'o provides legitimate competition for J.J. DiLuigi for the backup role at running back. He has shown very well during most practice sessions and should battle DiLuigi during fall camp for the role of backup to Harvey Unga.

#31 Tyler Holt: 5-9, 177 So. P - Holt has been the primary punter for the team this spring. The team awaits Riley Stephenson in the fall, when he'll likely assume the punting duties. If it doesn't work out for whatever reason, Holt could very well be the starting punter for the Cougars this coming season.

#31 Byron Putnam: 5-11, 194 So. DB - Putnam is working hard and adding depth to the safety position this spring.

#32 Riley Bushman: 6-1, 215 Fr. LB - Bushman has seen some good reps at outside linebacker with both the second- and third-team units. He looks to have some potential and could be a mainstay on the roster in the coming years.

#32 Dennis Pitta: 6-5, 248 Sr. TE - Pitta has done what you'd expect from him and he looks to be fully recovered from his MCL tear that he sustained late last season. He has been dominating when he has to be and seems to be a ready option on the passing tree whenever quarterback Max Hall needs him.

#33 Ryan Love: 5-10, 171 So. CB - Love is getting a lot of quality reps with the second-team defense this spring, and has managed to pick off at least one pass in addition to making some other good plays during practice sessions.

#34 Jefferson Court: 6-3, 212 Fr. LB - Court has earned praise from his position coach for his work this spring and certainly has a bright future ahead of him at outside linebacker. He is expected to serve a mission following spring practice, so that future on the football field will have to be realized after his two-year mission service.

#34 Tucker Lamb: 5-9, 197 Fr. RB - Lamb has seen work primarily with the third- and second-team offensive units and has had his share of good plays. He'll get in on occasion during scrimmages and usually plays some solid football when he does.

#35 Matt Bauman: 6-1, 229 Sr. LB - Bauman missed the last half of spring practices due to an MCL tear that isn't believed to be serious. He should be 100 percent here soon and ready to go come fall. When Bauman did practice he showed very well, making the necessary strides in becoming a better linebacker and a leader on the defense.

#36 Billy Oden: 5-10, 222 Fr. LB - Oden is battling for a spot on the roster for this coming fall and hopes to add depth to the linebacker position.

#37 Vic So'oto: 6-3, 253 Sr. LB - So'oto has missed just about all of spring practice with a foot injury. He hopes to be at full strength come fall, when he can add his considerable talents to the outside linebacker position.

#38 Brandon Ogletree: 6-0, 222 Fr. LB - Ogletree has missed most of spring practice due to a broken hand. Before he broke his hand, Ogletree was playing some good football and receiving the praise of his position coach. He should rise to become a mainstay on the Cougar two-deep roster in the coming years at the inside linebacker position.

#38 Mitch Payne: 6-2, 210 Jr. K - Payne has assumed his role as placekicker and has had a good and accurate spring practice session.

#39 Grant Nelson: 6-3, 226 Jr. LB - Nelson has played a very steady backup role to Jordan Pendleton this spring. Nelson is well-seasoned in the program and knows his strongside outside linebacker position well, which is of great importance for the overall strength at the position.

#41 Coleby Clawson: 6-3, 234 Sr. LB - Clawson has played very well this spring, as one would expect from a returning starter last season. He will start at weakside linebacker again this year and will be a steady player at the position and a leader on the defense.

#42 Shawn Doman: 6-2, 232 Sr. LB - Doman has practiced well this spring. He's been well-seasoned within the system and will again rotate in at the Buck linebacker position this fall.

#43 Jordan Atkinson: 6-3, 243 Jr. LB - Atkinson has seen reps with the second- and third-team defense and has shown good strides. He could play this year if the need arises, but with five senior inside linebackers on the roster, Atkinson will most likely try to redshirt while vying to start down the road.

#44 Dan Van Sweden: 6-2, 232 Sr. LB - Van Sweden has seen his reps increase due to some injuries at the inside linebacker position. He adds good depth and experience to the position for this coming season.

#45 Shane Hunter: 5-10, 236 Jr. LB - Hunter has always been a solid practice performer and has proven as such again this spring. Due to the depth at the position Hunter will struggle to break the two-deep, but certainly adds good depth to the position.

#45 Harvey Unga: 6-0, 239 Jr. RB - Unga has sort of been reborn this spring, showing a lot of the same burst and pop that he showed as a freshman. He is due to have another great season as the Cougar's primary running back.

#46 Masi Tuitama: 6-2, 215 Fr. LB - Tuitama was having a very productive spring before breaking his hand. He was running with the twos at defense and has been praised by coaches for his improvement playing outside linebacker on the defense.

#47 Terrance Hooks: 6-1, 227 Sr. LB - Hooks has had a very good spring, seeing every rep with the ones at the buck inside linebacker position. He was set to start last season before sustaining an injury that kept him out for the better part of the season. Now that he's back, Hooks looks to be a starter and finish out his career strong as a Cougar.

#48 Jameson Frazier: 6-2, 201 Fr. LB - Frazier is an example of a player that has used spring to its fullest. He switched over from receiver this offseason and was buried on the depth chart at the start of spring. Due to some injuries, Frazier has seen opportunities with the second-team defense and has taken full advantage of them, showing some great play and promise.

#49 Jadon Wagner: 6-4, 232 So. DE - Wagner is trying to earn a spot at defensive end, which isn't an easy task with the considerable depth ahead of him at the position. He has been playing mostly with the threes on defense and has had some good moments this spring.

#50 Tanner Zylstra: 6-3, 222 Fr. LB - Zylstra is trying to earn a spot for himself on the fall roster and is developing within the system.

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