Cougars 76-99

In the last installment of the spring practice ultimate reference guide, G-man counts down the last quarter of the roster. This portion of the roster includes most of the defensive linemen and some of the other position players that competed for spots this spring and will continue to do so in the fall.

#76 Braden Hansen: 6-6, 286 Fr. OL - I went into spring practice thinking that Hansen would be very rusty following his mission, but that was hardly the case. Hansen saw most of his reps with the second-team at left tackle and got in at times with the first-team at right tackle.

If not for Matt Reynolds, Hansen could readily be considered as the most talented offensive lineman in the program currently. I watched Hansen a lot during the final week of practices and he looked outstanding. He was shutting down the likes of Brett Denney and Bernard Afutiti fairly consistently, which isn't an easy task. Hansen could very well be the best bet to win out and take the starting right tackle spot next season.

#80 Matthew Edwards: 6-3, 185 Fr. WR - Edwards competed for a spot on the final fall roster and added good depth to the wideout position this past spring.

#82 Mike Muehlemann: 6-5, 225 Fr. TE - Muehlemann had a very good spring practice, making his share of catches during scrimmage situations. He is recently returned from his mission but showed that he could be a contributor on the field of play in the coming years.

#84 Jan Jorgensen: 6-3, 259 Sr. DE - There are no surprises with Jorgensen, who will be starting for his fourth straight season. He did this spring what many have come to expect from him, in that he was a leader of the defense while providing consistent and oftentimes dominant defensive play.

#85 Leon Johnson: 6-0, 197 Jr. WR - Johnson is a junior college transfer who is competing for a spot on the roster come fall.

#86 B.J. Peterson: 6-3, 202 Jr. WR - As he did all of last year, Peterson provided some very good practice play as one of the top receivers with the second-team offense. It may be tough for Peterson to find a spot in the rotation, but he does add quality depth to the wideout position.

#87 Rhen Brown: 5-10, 187 Fr. WR - Brown looked much better than he did last fall, but still has a ways to go until he seriously competes for a spot at the wide receiver position.

#88 Andrew George: 6-5, 249 Sr. TE - George did what George does in playing a very effective second fiddle to Pitta at the tight end position. George will get in during most offensive series and be a big part of the offense once again this coming year.

#89 Braden Brown: 6-6, 260 Fr. TE - Brown had as good of a spring as anyone, all but earning him a spot as the primary fullback short of the expected return of Manase Tonga. Brown showed very well on the scout team last season and it continued into this season.

Brown is more of a traditional power-type tight end in that he prefers to just run over the opposing defense with his huge frame on most occasions. He has great hands and all the tools to become the primary tight end in the program once Pitta and George move on after this season.

#90 Bernard Afutiti: 6-1, 262 Jr. DE - Afutiti was unblockable at times during spring practices. You could see his role develop throughout the spring, as he'd provide a great burst of energy off the edge whenever he took the practice field during scrimmages.

Afutiti has a very good low center of gravity, which makes him a very good fit to play defensive end in a 3-4 system. He will most certainly play a role on the defense as a passing-situation defensive end, although he has proven able to defend the run as well.

#91 Rocky Kalamafoni: 6-2, 289 So. DE - Kalamafoni showed some good promise this spring and could very well be someone who finds a spot for himself on the two-deep come the 2010 season.

#92 Brett Denney: 6-4, 265 Sr. DE - Denney falls under the same category as Jorgensen, as there are no surprises here. He will start opposite Jorgensen and will be a defensive leader while providing very good play.

#94 David Tuitupou: 6-5, 254 So. DE - Tuitupou is much like Kalamafoni in that he could very well find a spot for himself on the two-deep roster come the 2010 season.

#96 Steven Fisher: 6-4, 249 So. DE - Fisher saw some good reps this year and falls under the same category as Tuitupou and Kalamafoni.

#97 Tevita Hola: 6-1, 320 Sr. NT - Hola quite honestly didn't make the strides he needed to this spring, as Rick Wolfley is still ahead of him on the depth chart. Hopefully Hola sheds some weight this offseason or he'll be the third nose tackle again this year. He could really add to the overall effectiveness of the nose tackle position if he does shed some weight.

#98 Matt Peterson: 6-5, 265 Fr. DE - Peterson competed hard this spring while trying to earn a spot on the roster this coming season.

#99 A.J. Van Valkenburg: 6-1, 195 Jr. LB - Van Valkenburg really saw his reps increase during the final week of spring practice and subsequently made a lot of plays on the practice field. He is a good bet to stick on the roster come fall camp.

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